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End of season Yankees Thoughts with Mike Lalor

The Yankees close out 2015 with a loss to Houston in the AL Wild Card Game. The New York Yankees struggled to score runs down the stretch, losing 6 of their last 7 regular season games, finishing 87-75. They received help from Arizona (who beat the Astros) on the last day of the regular season, in order to host the ... Read More »

One-game Wild Card Playoff in the Bleachers by Bryan Revello

During the decade I spent as a Bleacher Creature at the old stadium, I was lucky to have attended many legendary Yankee classics including memorable performances, “holy shit” moments and series-clinching victories. It has been a few years since I held season tickets but I felt compelled to attend the one-game Wild Card playoff because it is only the 2nd ... Read More »

Mets-Dodgers NLDS Overview with Mike Lalor

On Friday night, the New York Mets (90-72, 1st NL East) opened their National League Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70, 1st NL West) at Dodger Stadium. This is the first postseason appearance for the Amazins since 2006. For the Dodgers, this is their 3rd straight postseason appearance; they won the NL West this season for the 3rd ... Read More »

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello 10/3/15 The upcoming “win or go home” Wild Card playoff game is the first time the Yankees will be a participant since the playoff system changed in 2012. A fitting occasion as the Yankees’ celebrate the anniversary of Bucky Dent’s legendary home run which is the only other time in franchise history that the ... Read More »

New York Sports with Mike Lalor

Week 4 Preview: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins (in London) …and around NY sports Following their first loss of the 2015 NFL campaign, the New York Jets (2-1) traveled to London and will take on their long-time AFC East rival, the Miami Dolphins (1-2) this Sunday, at famous Wembley Stadium. Without starting RB Chris Ivory and starting WR Eric ... Read More »

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

9/26/15 Everything that can be said has already been written about the passing of Yogi Berra. A true legend, all star player and tremendous person has moved on. I find it fitting and romantic that he passes just in time for his wife Carmen’s birthday so they can spend it together in Yankee heaven. The greatest living Yankee is no ... Read More »

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

9/19/15 Luis Severino pitched really well following his first real “bad start” of the season. This is another strong quality that the youngster has now shown which exemplifies why he may be the Yankees hottest young starting pitcher in many generations. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The Yankees are an organization that have always relied on ... Read More »

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello 9/12/15 With the season’s end nearing, it is time to start thinking ahead. The Yankees are looking strong for the postseason with a little over 3 weeks remaining. There is also more than enough time for the AL East Championship hunt to take a few more dramatic turns. However, thinking about the possibility of ... Read More »

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

9/5/15 C.C. Sabathia is set to come off the disabled list and start on Wednesday according to skipper Joe Girardi. Already having arguably the worst season of his career, Sabathia will now wear a knee brace to assist his problematic right knee. This has disaster written all over it as a 35 year old with a balky knee is not ... Read More »

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

Playoff bound…but what about the Starting Rotation? Every baseball fans knows that the most exciting parts of the season are the beginning and the end of the season. The beginning of the season is when Spring unofficially begins and the final six weeks of the season is when the playoff race really heats up. The early part is relaxed and ... Read More »