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Conversation with a Millennial Mastermind: Rising Global VR Company CEO, Li Gang

Courtesy Dlodlo

34-year old entrepreneur’s company, Dlodlo, develops lightest wireless immersive virtual reality glasses, entrenching it as a global leader in VR technology research and development At just 34 years old, Dlodlo CEO, Li Gang, is sitting on top of the world—the virtual reality world, that is. Having entrenched his company as global leader in VR technology research and development, this IT-oriented ... Read More »

N.Y. Coach teams up with N.Y. CEO to change way sports fans enjoy basketball; creating revenue generating VR experiences

New York – October 10, 2014 – “Fans will no longer ‘watch’ their favorite teams, they will ‘experience’ the game. It’s as if they were actually at the event,” confirms legendary and eminent N.Y. Coach Jim Boeheim, long time Syracuse U. Coach heading NCAA and Olympic Gold Medal championship teams. The Coach is opening the doors to his personal basketball ... Read More »