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Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Crystal Clear Video Clip

The day that this video was shot, no one had any idea just how special it would be for the dawn of time. A mere two-plus minutes of black and white footage shot from what appears to be the first base side on-deck circle shows arguably the two best baseball players of all time taking pre-game batting practice. Babe Ruth ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-MLB Ump Al Clark Talks Jeter, Steinbrenner and More

By Ben Horney, Contributing Writer ( – Al Clark has nearly seen it all – which shouldn’t be too surprising, considering he was a Major League Baseball Umpire for nearly three decades. Beginning in 1976 (his salary that year was $15,500); Clark umped for 26 years before being unceremoniously fired in 2001 over a measly $240 plane ticket upgrade. Post-baseball, ... Read More »