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Who Will Be The Next Big Thing?

by Jeffrey Sampson | Aug 16, 2021 | General | 0 comments Bulls guard Zach LaVine (8) celebrates with his teammates after hitting a big 3-pointer late in the second half against the Celtics on May 7, 2021, at the United Center. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune) With the NBA offseason in full effect and the rookies displaying their talents in the summer league, It’s hard deciding ... Read More »

Trade Him Now

Should the Indians look to trade Francisco Lindor? Can the Angels get a decent return for Justin Upton? Should the Blue Jays trade everybody? Do the Red Sox have to trade Mookie Betts? Read More »

49 Referees?

Is the lack of production of Packers secondary receivers a concern? Is Mitch Trubisky to blame in Chicago? Did the Eagles need a close win against the Redskins? Can the Eagles upset the 49ers if they were to play in the playoffs? Is the refereeing this year showing the league is biased in favor of the 49ers? Read More »

Tom Chambers and James Worthy better than LeBron?
Will college players transfer to powerhouses to win a National Championship with the new NIL rules?
Lamar Jackson not the best quarterback in the AFC North?
Browns not Super Bowl contenders?

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