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Winning Ways: Thoughts on a Sports City

By Helen Church, Contributing writer New York doesn’t get to be called “sports city.” No, that title is for other cities – cities whose core generates a following of avid sports lovers who live and thrive on the next great event. Many folks are going to argue that New York fits the bill to some extent, but NY is so big, bold ... Read More »

Life without Lundqvist by Dan Mount

The New York Rangers are going to have to miss all-world goalie Henrik Lundqvist for up to a month or more in a critical stretch of the season. Lundqvist will be out for at least a month after taking a puck to the throat on Saturday against the Carolina Hurricanes. (Lundqvist did manage to finish the rest of the game ... Read More »

New controversy at Super Bowl…Grass cut too high?!?!?

There has been another controversy developing after the Super Bowl as the Patriots crew is being accused of cutting the grass TOO HIGH giving the Pats an assist on that final interception…LOL…JUST KIDDING AROUND but maybe that would have been an easier pill for Seattle fans to swallow than living with that final play call. The Seattle Seahawks were a yard away from tasting ... Read More »

It’s getting close to A-rod time

By Chris Ruddick – MLB Editor, The Sports Network Philadelphia, PA ( – How do you know baseball is right around the corner? Because there seems to be a new Alex Rodriguez story every day. It’s amazing we survived a whole season without him. But, yes, once we get that little football game out the way in Arizona, the sports ... Read More »

Rangers/Islanders Thoughts by Steven Gross

After the Islanders defeated the Rangers 4-1 yesterday, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that the Rangers will be beaten by the Islanders fairly easily if they meet in the playoffs. Thoughts 1) The Rangers have lost all 3 games by I believe 3 goals.  They’ve gotten their butts handed to them.  They are inside the Rangers heads now and ... Read More »

Chutzpah: The Future of Sports Betting?

By Mickey Charles, CEO of The Sports Network Chutzpah. It’s a wonderful word that transcends ethnic situations, language interpretations and knowledge.  There are many more, like “mench,” “putz,” “shmuck,” “bagel” “gelt,” “kibbitz,” “goy,” “klutz,” “maven,” “megillah,” “nebbish,” “nu (?)” “schlep,” “schmooze,” “shtick,” “vigorish” – really?  Yes, really – and a host of others.  Does knowledge of any  or all, even the ... Read More »

Olympic Swimming Champ Proves No Pain Is Insurmountable

Swimming legend Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and the International Olympic Committee’s 2014 Woman of the Year, is living, breathing proof that personal tragedy – no matter the magnitude – can be overcome. 52-year-old Hogshead-Makar, who last month was honored by the IOC as it’s Woman of the Year for the Americas, was raped while in college at ... Read More »

Tens of Thousands of Dancers limber up for most Multicultural Event in NYC: The 9th annual Dance Parade and Festival

New York, January 22, 2015 – Tens of thousands of dancers are limbering up in classes and clubs in preparation for the Ninth Annual Dance Parade and Festival in New York on Saturday May 16th 2015.  The annual event brings together dancers from around the city and beyond to showcase dance styles in a multicultural, rhythmic-infused magical display of human ... Read More »

Fantasy Hockey: Kyle Okposo the man?

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) – Fantasy owners went the first 12 weeks of the season without seeing a player score four goals, and now owners have seen three four-goal games in the last 10 days. Islanders right winger Kyle Okposo is the latest to “light the lamp” four times in one game as he beat Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury for ... Read More »

East beats West in Shrine Game

St. Petersburg, FL ( – Marvin Kloss booted four field goals as East beat West by a 19-3 count in the 90th edition of the Shrine Game from Tropicana Field. Dominique Brown of Louisville finished with 70 yards and a rushing score on 19 carries for the East. Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason completed seven of his eight pass attempts for ... Read More »