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Is Nassau Coliseum ripping us off?

New York Sportscene was on hand for the boat show at Nassau Coliseum on Saturday night. Tickets to enter the show were $2 for children and $10 per adult (or $7 per adult with a discount.) Here is the catch. Parking for the Nassau Coliseum was $15! How can parking cost more than combined price of myself plus a child? ... Read More »

Angels’ Hamilton facing possible discipline from MLB

Tempe, AZ ( – The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim announced that former American League MVP Josh Hamilton met with Major League Baseball officials on Wednesday over a disciplinary issue. The team declined to give any details of the meeting, which took place in New York and was first reported by the Los Angeles Times. “I can say that Josh ... Read More »

Yanks, A-Rod Deserve Each Other

By Chris Ruddick – MLB Editor, The Sports Network Philadelphia, PA ( – Sometimes you are better off not saying anything. Nobody needed another apology from Alex Rodriguez. Not Major League Baseball, not the New York Yankees, not fans of the Yankees, nobody. Technically, I guess Rodriguez didn’t say anything on Tuesday. Whatever number apology from him it was, this ... Read More »

Selfish Carmelo and the Mediocre Knicks

By Joseph Behrman, Contributing Writer So fellow Knick fans…isn’t it terrific that Selfish Ball Hog Carmelo Anthony played 30 minutes in the All Star game and now he is going for the surgery he probably should have had two months ago? So it is more important to play in an All Star game than play in the regular season?  A ... Read More »

So Long STAT…

By Benjamin Horney, Assistant Editor So Long, STAT. The time has come to say farewell to the man who five years ago resuscitated a lifeless Madison Square Garden with grand proclamations that the Knicks were back, as the Knicks and Amar’e Stoudemire have officially reached a buyout agreement. The news broke shortly after the conclusion of Sunday night’s All-Star game, ... Read More »

No Rest For Kyrie Irving During All-Star Break

By Benjamin Horney, Assistant Editor Halfway through a grueling 82-game regular season in which he’s likely faced more scrutiny than ever before, Kyrie Irving has no time to rest during the All-Star break. For many players, the annual mid-February recess is a chance to reboot, and give their nagging injuries a breather. But not for the 22-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers point ... Read More »

Tarkanian, The Original Rebel

By Gregg Xenakes – Associate Editor, The Sports Network Philadelphia, PA ( – They say that death comes in threes, which means the college basketball community is now holding its collective breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Over the weekend we lost one of the most beloved coaches basketball has ever known in North Carolina’s Dean Smith and ... Read More »

Nobody Looks Good in Dolan Saga

By Jim Brighters – NBA Editor, The Sports Network Philadelphia, PA ( – James Dolan has a certain way about him that causes discomfort on massive levels.  His reply to a letter from a 73-year-old New York Knicks fan named Irvin Bierman created a ruckus. It was a self-inflicted ruckus that embarrassed himself and the NBA, which, through the toothless and far ... Read More »