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Young Latino Sports Business Owners Getting Helping Hand Amid Hispanic Heritage Month

Entrepreneurs making inspired strides to galvanize, empower & bolster underrepresented young Latino business owners; First annual October ‘LatinX Travel Summit’ convenes businesses and professionals in the fields of travel, music, tech, media, and health and wellness  to drive awareness, visibility, networking, mentorship, resources and other support opportunities for young Latino entrepreneurs and Latin American-focused companies at large What started out ... Read More »

Key Disruptions Rocking the Sports Franchise Space

Like veritably all sports industry businesses in the post pandemic era, those operating in the franchise space are experiencing a wave of major change—as is the franchising trade at large.  Accelerated and elevated adoption of technology; consumer demand for more efficient and on-demand service; and employee appeals for greater flexibility are among the many industry pivots that are evolving seemingly ... Read More »

Transforming the Game of Golf by Optimizing Thoracic Spine Function

CEO Interview: Inventor of the TrueTurnPro reveals how this unmatched tool is helping players reach amazing new heights; Innovative thoracic spine device is a certain game changer for today’s golfers In the game of golf, there is one universal truth: player performance directly depends upon the health of their spine and, more specifically, optimal thoracic mobility. So important is the ... Read More »

‘Destinations in Paradise’ Redefining Post-Pandemic Private Villa Rental Service Standards

It would be an understatement to say that the recent pandemic is ushering in a seismic shift for the travel trade, which suffered a collective gut punch as COVID-19 unrelentingly raged across the globe. New health and safety protocols, crisis management plans and other operational touchpoints are being overhauled to help those in—and dependent upon—the travel industry better pivot and ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Enhance the Summer Season

With summer now underway, many are turning attentions to some long overdue vacation time, sorely needed R&R, and a general reprieve (however slight) from the rigors and responsibilities of daily life. Even so, summer can still be a hectic time of balancing work hours with entertaining the kiddos, socializing with family and friends and even treating yourself from time to ... Read More »

‘Healthy Italian Comfort Food’ Not an Oxymoron

‘Comfort food doesn’t have to be junk food,’ expert says Let’s face it: Dieting is hard, but it can be much less so when enjoying grocery items and recipes that are so satisfying, they don’t make us “feel” like we’re missing out on anything. For my part, it’s comfort food that I often miss the most when putting together a ... Read More »

New Cooling Gadget a Hot Summer Sports Find

New invention endeavors to help us beat the heat this season and beyond With reports indicating that, according to NCEI’s annual temperature outlook, “the year 2021 is 96% likely to rank among the 10 warmest years on record and 85% likely to rank among the eight warmest years on record,” this upcoming summer season will surely be a doozy. With temperatures expected to ... Read More »

Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts & Gets

Like throngs of others, this June you may find yourself struggling to find that perfect gift for the important “dads” in your life, whether that be your own father, husband, boyfriend, brother or other deserving and meaningful man. While the overarching gesture of giving—recognition and appreciation for a job being well done—is most important, there are certainly a myriad of ... Read More »

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