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by Kyle Williams | Nov 2, 2021 | General | 0 comments

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After a disappointing season from beginning to end, the Yankees organization, for some, surprisingly rewarded Aaron Boone with a new 3-year deal. The Bronx bombers started the season like starter pistols as they had a losing record through their first 20 games. Players like Stanton, Judge, and Torres were atrocious starting the season before gradually getting into it, however, all eyes were on Boone as it was thought to lose his job for poor performances.

Boone has a very talented team, with home run derby champions, defensive stars, and fantastic pitchers, but couldn’t overcome the Red Sox in the Wild Card round. Firstly, the Yankees should not be in that position. A club with the caliber of players that New York has should write themselves in at least the ALCS every year.

Aaron Boone has got by far his most talented batting lineup since being the manager of the Yankees, meaning hit first; field later. I’m talking Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gleyber Torres, and Anthony Rizzo, who were all at one point in the top 5 for the MVP voting in past seasons. Rizzo a champion with the Cubs especially should have brought that winning mentality to his younger teammates but he failed to do so.

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I am never going to blame the manager without actual cause from any sport, but I think Boone has brought the Yanks as far as he can. Giving him a new contract is great for the commercial side and youth development, but not for the title-challenging ambitions that the Yankees are accustomed to. When you have two Home Run Derby winners then you know that hits should not be a problem bar injury. When you pay Gerrit Cole $330 million he should be getting you through the first round of the playoffs, not putting the ball on the bat like he’s playing with his kid.

With the bullpen they possess, from starting pitchers, relievers, to closers, you should not be conceding between five and eight runs per game. The reluctance to drill the mentality into the players, get them fully fit for each game but the fatigue was evident in many games. This may be controversial but I would love to see Joe Girardi in the pinstripes dugout for next season instead of Boone.

For me, I think the Bronx Bombers are going to rebuild next season to get ready for 2023 to make a full charge. Cole would’ve been synced with the catchers, Rizzo and Torres would begin gel through the middle, players like Gardener would most likely be moved on or retire and join the coaching staff. In a couple of years, no one is beating the Yanks: NO ONE. Whether Boone or another man, they will be unbeatable.

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