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JumboMax Golf Grips Review

JumboMax Golf Grips Review

            When purchasing golf equipment, there is only one question in mind: Which product is going to help me lower my scores? The new lightweight titanium shafts and balls that fly for an extra 20 yards seem to appeal to the masses when it comes to that question, but if you’re not confident and your swing is not pure, does it really improve your golf game?

Having the proper, comfortable grip during your swing improves your mentality on the course and gives you that extra confidence that you need to reach that green in a stroke less than how you usually do; and it all starts with JumboMax Golf Grips. The Finger-Palm technology allows for the larger grip to be placed in the sweet spot of your hand, making it a comfortable feel while allowing for a more fluid, powerful swing.

While visiting the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida, I had stopped by JumboMax’s vendor tent and decided to try out their product. Upon my first few swings with the larger grip, I immediately felt a huge difference in my ability to strike the ball more square and almost as if the grip was doing all the work for me. Trying all the sizes they offer (Standard, Standard Oversize, XS, SM, M, L, XL), I had found that the medium size was the best fit for my hand and my 6”2 frame. It was extremely easy to find the sweet spot on the handle and find the right grip that allowed for maximum contact.

Trying out the grips on the course, my objective wasn’t to see if it improves my drive by 15 yards nor was it to see if I could launch my 3 wood shot into orbit. Rather, I was trying to see if the shots I made set me up for a higher chance to put a couple birdies on the board. After making a few real good approach shots, my confidence was through the roof. On a course I am very familiar with and holes that I know like the back of my hand, I was able to drop my score by 4 strokes my first time using the grips.

Now could I have just had a real good day out on the course? Sure, but the positive mentality that comes with using the grips can alone improve your game. The future of golf has arrived, and it looks a little thicker than usual.


A set of 13 JumboMax Golf Grips start at $149.00 while individual grips sell for $11.99

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