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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello: ALCS Aftermath

By Bryan Revello

I’m so proud of these guys.

I’m sitting here crying. That’s right, I’m an overly emotional adult male and I cry over baseball.

It’s not because the Yankees just lost game 7 of the ALCS. It’s because the season has been so special and next generation of Yankees baseball has officially arrived. It’s so cool to watch history in the making and I really appreciate it.

The magic was back this year. The new stadium finally felt like home and shook like it did in the old stadium.

The baby bombers delivered a little earlier than expected and this entire postseason experience can only be considered a huge positive for this young team.

Learning from this season will help them push to the next level and bring dynasty years back to the Bronx in the near future.

Let’s go Yankees.

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