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WSG Sports Ownership Newsletter October 26, 2017

WSG Sports Ownership Newsletter October 26, 2017

WSG – Sports Ownership Newsletter October 26, 2017

Welcome to the latest version of the Whitecap Sports Group newsletter, featuring topical industry insights, with a focus on ownership opportunities in the Sports industry.  As always, we value your comments and suggestions; please visit us at

U.S. Soccer: If You Had to Ask “What Happened?”, You Probably Weren’t Paying Attention All Along.  So, what’s next?  Spoiler Alert – Youth Movement and Patience

Headline notwithstanding, we really are not particularly interested in piling on to the heap of disappointment in U.S Soccer; the anger, admonishment, and call for sweeping change is everywhere, and as much a knee jerk reaction to an unexpected result, as was the enthusiasm for the progress of US Soccer after the surprising finish of the USMNT in the 2014 World Cup.

But inside the soccer industry, there were no real surprises here, as the system that has been relied upon for decades has simply failed to produce significant or sustainable growth in cultivating homegrown talent.  While USMNT Coach Bruce Arena said “there’s nothing wrong with what we are doing” after the loss that will keep the US out of the 2018 World Cup, he then resigned three days later, so we think it’s fair to say that some change will be coming down the pike.  But what kind of change?  Change for change sake is rarely a long term solution, so the next most logical path will be either to create a new system that proves effective, or replicate one that already is.  There are success stories all over the globe.  What is required however, is patience, which is not a default for most US sports fans, who are used to having the best of breed playing on our soil in every major sport with the exception of soccer and rugby.  With strategic investment and patience, the same engine that creates the best baseball, football, and basketball players in the world could certainly develop homegrown US talent that could compete consistently on the global stage.

Want to learn more about an opportunity to invest in a multi-tiered soccer development academy and pro team in the Metro New York region?  Be part of the solution.  Contact Bob Malandro at

Youth Movement and Patience, Part II: New York Yankees

Talk about words that have historically not been associated with one another…the New York Yankees, in an attempt to retool and make a serious playoff run in 2018, found themselves one game from the World Series in 2017.  Regardless of the outcome of the ALCS, kudos to GM Brian Cashman, Yankee management, and Ownership, for staying true to the mandate to get younger, more athletic, and staying away from bloated long term contracts; while still making moves to strengthen the team short term, without undue risk.  The team is clearly headed in the right direction, and developing a new set of stars along the way.
Whitecap Sports Group has access to baseball ownership opportunities across the board, from minority ownership to full acquisitions, in both teams and tournament facilities.  For more information, contact Josh Mastracci

Blackbridge Brings Billy Beane to Barnsley

Whitecap Sports Group’s partner, Blackbridge Cross Borders, recently closed a deal with Billy Beane, purchasing Championship side Barnsley FC for a consortium that includes the Oakland A’s owner and Vice President. This is the latest in a trend of Americans buying into British football –  former Disney head Michael Eisner completely his deal for a League One side just months ago.
Whitecap Sports is currently engaged with a half-dozen North American groups seeking to replicate these successes. Contact Alex Prasad to learn more.

Youth Sports & eSports: Friends or Foes?

Two of the hottest spaces in the sports industry right now are eSports and youth athletics. Both have experienced unprecedented growth in recent years with no end in sight. Because of this aggressive growth in the same industry, many have wondered if the two spaces can coincide with one another. According to a recent Forbes article, not only can the two co-exist, but they should be able to benefit from one another.

It is not farfetched to envision a child asking to join their local basketball league if they enjoy NBA2K or youth football players using Madden to learn more about reading offenses and defenses. What was originally viewed as competition has now developed into a synergistic relationship.

Interested in learning more about opportunities related to either eSports or youth sports? Contact Kyle Davis at


Sports Ownership Opportunities

  • Baseball – Full and minority ownership stakes available, ranging from $500K to $20M
  • UK and EU Soccer (Football) – Opportunities across the board, from $10M-400M
  • Football – Profitable indoor franchise available, under 500K
  • Facilities – Youth sports facilities available in Soccer and Baseball, ranging from $5M-20M
  • eSports – Exceptional opportunity to capitalize on this emerging market, starting at $2M
  • Sports Technology – several opportunities, ranging from $250K to $15M
  • Professional Golf – Own an equity stake in a professional tour, unparalleled opportunity
  • Rugby Sevens – Capitalize on the only exclusive rights to professionalize Rugby Sevens in the United States

Contact us to hear about even more opportunities or to discuss how we can help you achieve your own specific goals!


Movin’ On Up…In Tampa

Whitecap Sports Group is pleased to announce that we are moving on up–both up the street and towards the sky, starting November 1st.  Our new address will be 400 N. Ashley Drive, Suite 2600.  Our new and expanded space is a testament to the amazing efforts of our staff, and tremendous loyalty of our clients.  Please make note of our new address and phone number (813-712-8730), although both will be updated on our site as well shortly.


What Else…?

We are always working on additional sports and entertainment opportunities above and beyond what is featured in the newsletter  To arrange for a highly confidential discussion in order to see how we can assist you, please contact any of the associates listed above or on our site:


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