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Women of Warriors offers first-time ever ALL WOMENS show; Crowns new Champion
Sixteen of the region's top female pro wrestlers. Photo courtesy of Warriors of Wrestling.

Women of Warriors offers first-time ever ALL WOMENS show; Crowns new Champion

By Bryan Revello, Editor in Chief

Women’s professional wrestling continues to heat up the streets of New York City and this past Saturday, Warriors of Wrestling in Staten Island featured a first-ever ‘Women Only Show”.

The show featured a 16-woman tournament of the region’s premier female talent as they all vied to become the first ever Warriors of Wrestling Women’s Champion. The format of the show included four fatal 4-way matches and then a semifinal & final round.The Master of Ceremonies for the show was the very talented Mr. Brian Black.

Coming into the tournament, local standout Nikki Addams appeared to be a heavy favorite as she has really made a name for herself recently on the local women’s wrestling scene. She was also featured by New York Sportscene in this story from March following her win over Lisa Maria Varon aka Victoria from WWE.

However, the tournament also featured WOW regulars like C-Bunny and Katred, the colorful Holidead who has appeared on recent WOW shows as well, and other notable women from the region like Allie Recks, Sonya Strong, Jordynne Grace amongst others. Former ECW star Angel Orsini was another notable name on the card. The show was also my first exposure to New England native Davienne Long who showed a wonderful mean streak and got a major heel reaction from the crowd.

After the dust from the four way matches had settled, there were four women remaining for the semi-final round. Nikki Addams, Davienne Long, Allie Recks and Sonya Strong.

Sonya Strong offered a tough challenge for Nikki Addams but at the end, Nikki persevered and forced Strong to tap out. On the other side, Davienne Long used her brute strength and bad attitude to thwart the athletic Allie Recks and move on to the final round.

By the final round, Nikki Addams was consistently holding her back in pain but her heart was bleeding through her shirt as she fought with the tenacity of a true warrior. Davienne Long used every trick in the book but Nikki Addams rose above and was crowned as the inaugural Warriors of Wrestling Women’s Champion.

After her historic win, Nikki answered some questions.

Question: How does it feel to be the champion?

Answer: Surreal. That was intense. A very hard fought battle and every girl on the show was very talented and put a really strong effort in, even though the majority of them tried to kill me.

Question: How does the body feel?

Answer: I feel pretty beat up, I can’t lie.

Question: Who do you feel is a threat to your title of the women you faced today?

Answer: Well, I faced Sonya and Davienne one on one and they were both very tough competitors. They definitely tried to kill me and they almost succeeded.

Question: Do you know any plans about future title defenses? Will you compete against any other notable names in women’s professional wrestling?

Answer: To be announced, or they know something and I don’t, so surprise!

Congratulations to Nikki Adams and kudos to Warriors of Wrestling and owner Joe Bellini for giving a worthwhile spotlight to the women competitors that deserved it.

You can see Nikki Addams defend her WOW Women’s Championship at the upcoming Warriors of Wrestling shows, on May 12th in Brooklyn and May 13th in Staten Island.

Full Tournament Results

Match 1

Nikki Addams defeated Aria Cadenza, Antoinette Marie and Vanity

Match 2

Sonya Strong defeated Terra Calaway, Willow Nightengale and Hellen Vale

Match 3

Allie Recks defeated C-Bunny, Jordynne Grace and Holidead

Match 4

Davienne Long defeated Isana, Katred and Angel Orsini


Semi-Final 1

Nikki Addams defeated Sonya Strong

Semi-Final 2

Davienne Long defeated Allie Recks


Nikki Addams defeated Davienne Long to become inaugural WOW Women’s Champion

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