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Spotlight Interview: Skateboarder Lexy Cassell of Long Island
Lexy Cassell, 15, of Dix Hill competes as a skateboarder and is also a talented musician

Spotlight Interview: Skateboarder Lexy Cassell of Long Island

Lexy Cassell is a 15 year old prodigy. Balancing her school schedule between Half Hollow Hills West and the Long Island School for the Arts, she also finds time to skateboard competitively and perform live music at venues like the Jones Beach Bandshell, the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale and 89 North in Patchogue, where she will be performing live with her band this Sunday at 4pm.

New York Sportscene caught up with Lexy who was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to speak with Joanne Phillips and Bryan Revello about her experience skateboarding and entertaining. 

Question and Answer with Editor in Chief Bryan Revello

When did you start skateboarding?

I remember going to the skate parks with my friends when I was nine but I didn’t take it seriously. I would go down the ramp on my butt, it was all fun and games. I didn’t think it would turn into something like it has today. I started taking it really seriously when I was in about 7th grade. I got my sponsorship from sPACYcLOUd by late 8th grade and that’s when I knew I was pretty good. I started competing and I was in one of their competitions last June and I think I came in second place and it was a really great experience.

What attracted you to skateboarding?

I think it is something I just picked up, like music. No one in my family has skateboarded. It was always something I did myself. I remember when I was really little I saw a skateboard at Target or Toys R Us and I was like “Mom, I want a skateboard” and was like 6 or 7 and when I was 9, my dad took me to the skate park in Northport. I remember that after the first time I ever went down this ramp and then I could never stop doing it. It’s kind of like once I learn a trick, it always sticks with me like muscle memory.

What is your style? Favorite trick?

My favorite trick is the kick flip where the board kind of flips. I landed that and I was so excited. I landed it on my mom’s carpet in the living room floor and I was so excited like “I landed a kick flip!” There are different styles like street skating, stairs and rails, and then there is bowl skating like pools and half pipes. I started out with the half pipes and like dropping in on those walls. I love it and it is fun to me and I find it to be a bit easier but it is more dangerous and I make sure to wear my helmet at Northport when I drop down the big walls on the bowl there.

Lexy in action

How much do you practice? Where?

I haven’t been practicing a lot since school started but over the summer I go to Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania. This year I went for music but my cabin was two feet from the skate park. I could just walk out the door and skate. I also have a ramp in my driveway and then I have the rail I’ve had for two years and the ramp I just got, so I like to use the rail by the ramp.

Have you experienced injuries in skateboarding? Is it hazardous skateboarding?

Yeah, it is. Over the years I’ve learned there is a way to fall. Seventh grade is the last time I got seriously hurt. I fractured my left wrist. I broke two bones in that area and I had to get surgery twice and it is kinda scary at times. Falling on your hands is the worst thing you can do. It is better to fall on your shoulders, it takes more impact. The surgery took about three months to recover from but I still skateboarded in my cast sometimes at home just to make sure I could do it.

What does it mean to be a sponsored skateboarder?

About two years ago, I signed with sPACYcLOUD and they send me boards and I promote the brand. If people ask me, what kind of board is that? I say its sPACYcLOUD. Like Tony Hawk has sponsors and people want to know what board he is using, it’s like that. I am also sponsored by Skate Girls Tribe.

Lexy with her guitar

What competitions/tournaments have you participated in?

I competed in a few. I went to one in Virginia for sPACYcLOUD and Skate Girls Tribe. They have a tournament, mostly competing against girls there. I also went to one in Long Island in Port Washington and I finished in first place and received a prize for it. I used my sPACYcLOUD board and I was the only girl there and I beat all the boys.

You bunked with X Games Champion Breighton Zuener two years ago, tell me about that.

She great and she’s really sweet too. She won the X Games at 13 years old and she was so normal when I met her. I didn’t even like realize she was Brighton Zuenner. She’s like every other normal girl. She told me about her sponsors and I looked up to her as a role model.

The Olympics have added Skateboarding as an event at the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Japan. Tell me about your interest level and how does one qualify?

I think they take the X Games winners and put them in the Olympics because it is so competitive. It would be great if I can just be there and watch and be in the presence of it. That would be amazing to be around all of those people. I don’t know if I would be good enough to qualify in two years but maybe, you never know.

Lexy and her band in studio at WSUB 90.1 FM

Are you interested in participating at the X Games?

I feel like the X Games would be a lot less competitive that the Olympics. I think it would be a good place to get noticed. If I get an opportunity to participate in the X Games, I would take it…would be great to get my name out there.  

Do you have a favorite female skateboarder?

My favorite female skateboarder is Letícia Bufoni. She is a Brazilian skateboarder and she is almost double my age at 28. She is an amazing skateboarder and she is not afraid to change who she is. She was in the X Games for street skateboarding and she is great.

I am aware that you are a musician. Do you ever bring your skateboarding talents into your musical act?

I would love to. I made an appearance in April at an empowerment event and I did a kick flip for the crowd, my signature trick to empower them before I played a few songs. Some people are hesitant at the idea of my skating during my musical performances like I am gonna skate off the stage but I would love to incorporate more of my skating into my musical act.

Enjoy a clip of Lexy and her band performing a song at WSUB. 

Come see Lexy and her band perform this

Sunday, November 26th, at 89 North in Patchogue. 

89 North Music Venue

89 N Ocean Ave

Patchogue, New York 11772


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Video Interview by Joanne Philips and recorded by Bryan Revello

Written Interview by Bryan Revello

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