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New York Giants: What were you thinking with that First Round Selection?

The NY Giants are aware that they have an aging Quarterback that will need extra time in the pocket to throw to his elite receiving core. That being said, there were heavy rumors coming into the 2017 NFL draft that the Giants would be targeting a receiving Tight End with strong interior blocking skills like O.J. Howard or even another Offensive Lineman.

After Howard was selected a few picks earlier as well as OT Garett Bolles, the Giants must have freaked out and went into knee-jerk reaction mode selecting Evan Engram of Ole Miss.

Evan ENgram projects to a small but skilled receiving Tight End, if you even want to call him a Tight End. This is a player that cannot block to save his life and was used almost exclusively out of the slot in college. Engram was not even recognized by the John Mackey Award (Best College TE) because he did not meet their criteria for a “true Tight End.”

At the end of the day, Eli has a new weapon as a large slot receiver but if Eli doesn’t have time to throw the ball, does it matter? We shall see.

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