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KDW Monster’s Brawl Full Results 10/14

KDW Monster’s Brawl Full Results 10/14

Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling returned to Pineapple Jack’s Saturday October 14th for Monster’s Brawl. The show was highlighted by two first-time singles matches, a dominant performance by one of KDW’s top rising stars, and four huge title matches, including a shocking turn of events in the KDW Heavyweight Title match. Here’s a recap of all the action.


1. “Just” Jeremy Jensen vs. “The Young Lion of the West” Mattick (w/Kount C)


The opening contest of KDW’s Monster’s Brawl featured a man who’s on a roll in both UPW and KDW in Mattick taking on a man who’s been struggling recently in KDW and looked to get back on track with a victory in Jeremy Jensen. Mattick grabs the mic and tells the fans he’s in a foul mood because Commissioner Casey Doyle stripped him and Hellcat of the UPW Tag Team titles. Tells Jensen to lay down for him and save himself from getting a beating. Jensen complies. But Jensen rolls him up for a near fall. Gets a sunset flip for a near fall. Mattick bails to the outside. Back inside, Jensen hits a back elbow and a backdrop suplex. Mattick back to the outside again. Jensen goes for a running kick from the ring apron. Mattick stops him and sweeps Jensen’s leg. Kicks Jensen in the face. Drives him back first into the ring apron and face-first into the steel ringpost. Back inside, Mattick with a pair of chops and forearms. Gets a near fall. Jensen goes for a backdrop suplex, but Mattick sends him head-first into the middle turnbuckle. Hits an elbow drop for a near fall. Jensen fights back, but Mattick hits a driving boot into Jensen’s chest for a near fall. Jensen hits a sliced bread into a stunner. Jensen with a series of clotheslines and forearms. Hits a butterfly suplex and a fireman’s carry sitout driver for a near fall. Shots in the corner by Mattick. Sets Jensen up on the top turnbuckle. Jensen fights him off. Kount C gets up on the ring apron. Jensen gets distracted and Mattick catches him with a European uppercut. Drives him head first into the top turnbuckle and hits neckbreaker onto the knee for a near fall. Mattick goes for running boot but Jensen sidesteps it. Hits a running sliced bread for the three-count, but senior referee Richard Head sees Mattick’s foot on the bottom rope and the match continues. As Jensen argues with Richard, Mattick rolls him up for a near fall. Both men exchange forearms. Mattick catches Jensen with a boot coming into the corner. Mattick hits a jumping knee strike from the second turnbuckle and hits his Made For Living finisher and gets the three-count. A game effort by Jensen, but Mattick continues his winning ways in the start of his war on KDW.


Winner: Mattick


2. “Eh Plus” Ryan Cassidy vs. “The New Wave” Cheech


It was youth versus experience in this first-time singles matchup. Cheech in control in the early going. Hits a series of chops and a headbutt. Cassidy comes off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana. Gets a pair of near falls. Cheech rolls him up and hits a shotgun knee to the face. Delivers a snap mare and a dropkick to Cassidy’s back for a one count. Cheech misses in the corner and Cassidy hits an enzuigiri to the back of Cheech’s head from the ring apron. Springboards off the ropes, but Cheech hits him with a superkick for a near fall. Cheech places Cassidy on the top turnbuckle and hits a rana from the top rope for a near fall. Cheech goes for a vertical suplex, but Cassidy counters and hits a stunner. Cassidy hits a running dropkick on Cheech, sending him back into the corner. Cassidy hits a superkick and his CassiDDT for a near fall. Cassidy hits a springboard lung hoser for a near fall. Cheech hits a fireman’s carry flapjack for a near fall. Cassidy goes for a second springboard lung hoser,  but Cheech pulls referee Jason Massey in front of him stopping Cassidy. The distraction allows Cheech to hit a right hand and then his patented Go 2 Cheech for the pin. A great showing by Cassidy, but the wily veteran Cheech gets the win.


Winner: Cheech


3. 585 Live Championship Match

The Faculty’s Bam Bam (w/Boz, Professor Wessler, & Lunch Lady Rae) vs. Icon Ace (c)


Icon Ace made his first 585 Live title defense in KDW since winning the title against Boz at last month’s Upstate 8. It looked as if Lunch Lady Rae would be the one representing The Faculty, but it turned out to be a setup as Bam Bam attacked Ace from behind. Ace hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and a dropkick. Bam Bam charges Ace in the corner who catches him with a boot. Hits a tornado DDT from the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Ace sends Bam Bam into the corner but Bam Bam reverses it. Ace tries to tip up out of the corner, but Bam Bam catches him and takes him straight down. Boz and Professor Wessler attack Ace while Bam Bam distracts referee Jesse Woodruff. Bam Bam slams Ace down and gets a near fall. Clothesline, punches by Bam Bam but Ace fights back. Hits a series of clotheslines and a flapjack. Hits a basement superkick for a near fall. Hits a pair of forearms in the corner. Goes for his Aces High kick but Bam Bam moves. Sends Bam Bam into the ropes, but Wessler grabs Bam Bam’s foot. As the referee admonishes Wessler, Rae gets on the apron and hangs Ace up across the top rope. Bam Bam hits a Sky High and a top rope splash for a near fall. Bam Bam sends Ace into the ropes, but Ace reverses it. Wessler grabs Bam Bam’s foot again but Ace comes through and hits a dropkick on Wessler taking him down. Ace hits his Aces High kick on Bam Bam and gets the three-count. Icon Ace overcomes the numbers game and retains his 585 Live Championship.


Winner: Icon Ace


4. UPW Tag Team Title Match (No-Disqualification)

Defiance vs. Wrecking U

Defiance asks the fans if they want to see a wrestling match or a fight. They ask Commissioner Casey Doyle and he agrees. Wrecking U come out, but Commissioner Doyle makes one more ruling for the match being that Nick Sullivan was barred from ringside, much to the dismay of Wrecking U. So with all of that out of the way, the fight was on as all four men at it each other to start out. Series of punches and bionic elbows by Defiance on Wrecking U. Defiance snap mares Bobby Dipinto down. Hit a pair of back chops, kicks, and fist drops with Maximo Suave getting a near fall. Chris Cayden throws Dipinto to the outside. Defiance hits the D Train on Hellcat for a near fall, but Dipinto breaks it up. Hellcat superkicks Cayden. After a series of reversals, Dipinto hits a flying elbow on Maximo Suave for a near fall. Hellcat throws Cayden to the outside. Hellcat hits low kick on Maximo and a big clothesline for a near fall. Hellcat hits a fist drop for a near fall as Cayden and Dipinto go at it on the outside. Hellcat goes to the outside and he and Chris Cayden go at it all over the building. Inside, Maximo grabs the ring bell and uses it on Dipinto for a near fall. Maximo hits a backstabber for a near fall. Dipinto hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Hellcat comes back in with a wet floor sign and nails Maximo with it. Hits a hangman’s neckbreaker for a near fall. Hits Maximo with his shoe and kicks Cayden. Throws Maximo to the outside and goes after him. Cayden hits a facebuster and a clothesline on Dipinto. Hellcat hits a springboard flatliner on Cayden for a near fall. Catches a superkick from Maximo and catches him with a right hand. Sends Maximo into the corner. Maximo moves, takes Hellcat down, and hits a rolling kick as Hellcat tumbles to the outside. Dipinto spears Maximo for a near fall. Goes for a second spear, but Cayden cuts him off. Cayden and Maximo hit an elevated double slam on Dipinto and Cayden gets the pin. Through all the chaos and controversy, Defiance become two-time UPW Tag Team Champions.


Winners & New Champions: Defiance


5. KDW Tag Team Title Four Corners Match

The Board of Directors vs. The Faculty (Boz & Professor Wessler w/Bam Bam & Lunch Lady Rae) vs. Charlie Locke & Fireheart vs. The Wrestling Liberation Front (w/Bin Hamin) (c)


The KDW Tag Team titles were on the line in this four corners match, although the action actually started even before the opening bell. Bin Hamin grabbed the mic and told the fans he was sick and tired of Jewish Hollywood moguls being crushed by women, so he went out and got himself a new bride. Hamin then introduced his new “wife” Sarita. Hamin then started running down Lunch Lady Rae. Rae responded by going after Sarita, but the two were separated. Professor Wessler and “The C.E.O.” Rico Figueroa start things out. Both men grab the other by their ties. Wessler goes for a left hand, but Rico ducks. Hits a series of kicks and takes Wessler down by his tie. Pat White and Boz are tagged in. Boz with a knee and a right hand to White. White fights back. Catches him with a dropkick. Sends him into the corner, but Boz tips up and out and tags in Krist Worthless. White tags in Charlie Locke. Locke with a pair of waistlock takedowns on Worthless. Worthless hits a pair of elbows and a knee to the midsection. Goes for a vertical suplex, but Locke reverses and suplexes Worthless. Tags in Fireheart. Sends Worthless into the ropes, but he hangs on. Hits a back elbow on Fireheart and throws Locke to the outside. Cloudy tagged in. Fireheart with a series of punches to Cloudy, but Cloudy rakes the eyes. Cloudy hits the ropes, but Fireheart takes him down and hits a rolling kick to the face. Locks in rear naked choke, but Worthless comes in and hits Fireheart from behind. Everyone else comes in and all eight men go at it. B.O.D. and Fireheart/Locke punch W.L.F. and Boz/Wessler in the corner. Sends them into each other in the middle of the ring. Cloudy comes back in but eats more punches from Fireheart. Fireheart hits the ropes but gets tripped up by Bin Hamin and Cloudy hits a legdrop to the back of Fireheart’s neck. Worthless tagged in. Huge elbow and forearms to Fireheart in the corner. Cloudy tagged in. Both hit running double knees on Fireheart in the corner with Cloudy getting a near fall. Wessler tags himself in and goes after Fireheart. Boz tagged in. Faculty hit double suplex on Fireheart with Boz getting a near fall. Cloudy tags himself in. Hits a running dropkick to the back of the head. Locks in reverse chinlock. Fireheart fights back, but Cloudy cuts him off. Cloudy goes for the Cloudy Cutter, but Fireheart counters and hits an inverted DDT. Boz and Locke tagged in. Locke with elbows and clotheslines to Boz and Cloudy. Locke hits a neckbreaker and a DDT on Boz. Hits an olympic slam on Cloudy. Hits a scoop brainbuster on Boz for a near fall, but Wessler breaks it up. Hits “textbook” clothesline on Locke. B.O.D. come in. Hits High-Low on Wessler. Cloudy and Worthless come in and attack White and Rico. Rico hits a rana on Worthless taking him to the outside. Cloudy hits Rico and White with discus elbows. Fireheart comes in and locks rear naked choke on Cloudy. Boz comes in and hits a uranage on Fireheart. Locke comes in and hits an airplane spin on Boz. Worthless comes in and picks up Locke. Cloudy and Worthless hit The End of the World double-team tombstone piledriver and Worthless gets the pin.


Winners: The Wrestling Liberation Front


6. Nick “The Natural” Sullivan (w/Bobby Dipinto) vs. J.D. Rage


Next up was Wrecking U’s human wrecking machine, Nick Sullivan. Sullivan was banned from ringside in Wrecking U’s loss against Defiance for the UPW Tag Team titles. Suffice to say, Sullivan was in a foul mood as he looked to take his frustrations out on the young up-and-comer J.D. Rage. Sullivan shoves Rage twice down. Rage charges Sullivan, but Sullivan goes behind him and hits a big german suplex. Rage gets some right hands but to no effect. Sullivan splashes Rage in the corner. Goes for his facebuster finisher, but Rage escapes. Rage hits a pair of clotheslines but to no effect. Goes for a third, but Sullivan catches him. Hits an over-the-shoulder facebuster on Rage gets the pin. “The Natural” gets another impressive victory.


Winner: Nick Sullivan


7. Main Event

KDW Heavyweight Title Match

“The Wet Bandit” Eric Rosecroft vs. “The Alpha & The Omega” Jason Savior (c)


The main event of KDW’s Monster’s Brawl saw #1 contender Eric Rosecroft get his first singles title shot in his first ever main event against the champion Savior who’s been dominant since winning the title back in April. Savior overpowers Rosecroft in the early going. Rosecroft fights back. Both men wind up on the outside. Savior goes for a big boot but misses. Rosecroft goes for a cross-body on Savior, but Savior catches him and slams him on the speakers. Hits a chokeslam on the ring apron. Whips him hard into the corners. Rosecroft tries to fight back, but Savior knocks him down and gets a near fall. Sits Rosecroft on the second turnbuckle, but Rosecroft kicks him away. Hits a jumping knee from the second rope. Rosecroft hits a pair of elbows and a jumping knee strike for a near fall. Savior goes for the snake eyes but Rosecroft escapes and ducks a boot. Savior misses with a roundhouse kick, but doesn’t miss with a second kick and gets a near fall. Savior goes for his crucifix bomb, but Rosecroft fights out of it and hits a dropkick to Savior’s knee. Goes to the second rope for a flying knee, but Savior pulls senior referee Richard Head in front of him and Rosecroft nails Richard instead taking him out. Savior hits snake eyes on Rosecroft in the corner and his patented Alpha Slam. Mattick and Kount C come out and get in the ring. They both want Savior to join the Vile Society but Savior refuses and grabs Mattick by the throat. Goes for a chokeslam but Mattick kicks him low. Jeremy Jensen comes out with a steel chair and runs off Mattick. But then inexplicably, Jensen turns around and nails Savior with the chair! Jensen hits a standing sliced bread on Savior. Then he takes off his t-shirt to reveal a Vile Society t-shirt underneath. So Mattick and Kount C got to Jensen after all. Rosecroft puts his arm over Savior and Mattick throws Richard Head who counts the pin. Post-match, Mattick, Jensen, and Kount come back in and want Rosecroft to join VS. Rosecroft thinks about it, but goes after Jensen and Mattick. Mattick and Jensen attack Rosecroft, until Savior gets back up and delivers a double chokeslam to Mattick and Jensen. Savior then pulls Rosecroft up and raises his arm in victory. Grabs the mic and tells the fans they now have a champion they can be proud of and congratulates Rosecroft on the win. So we have a new champion in Eric Rosecroft. But it already appears the new champion has a huge target on his back thanks to the Vile Society. And what was Jeremy Jensen’s reasons or motivation for joining the group? And also where does this leave the now former champion in Savior? Only time will tell.


Winner & New Champion: Eric Rosecroft

We tried to get a hold of Jason Savior about what happened during his match and here was his response:

What a weekend. The bible says God can use all things for his glory. I became too proud. Too arrogant. In the end I believe the Lord is breaking me down to build me up stronger. On that note, I have lost the KDW Heavyweight Championship Title. I’m not going to say anything bad about my opponent. Eric Rosecroft put up a fight that ultimately got him the win. He did NOTHING wrong. HOWEVER. There are a couple of vile, disgusting, cowards that I do want to point out. First Mattick and his manager. I will never join your little finger gang. Mattick. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’M COMING FOR YOU!!! Next is Jeremy Jenson. We have been to war and I understand his frustration. He hasn’t been able to get back on track since he lost the KDW Title to me. But to do what you did. To turn on the fans. The people who have supported you through all this. To join those creeps?!?! You’re the worst! I’m going straight after Mattick, but I’m also coming for you. The only difference is you won’t know where, and you won’t know when. Sleep tight boys. Say your prayers! Because this is far from over!!!!

With that being said, it looks like Jason Savior and the Vile Society are on a collision course in KDW. In the coming weeks, we will have news on the next KDW show in December as well as news on Upstate Professional Wrestling’s next show, November To Dismember!

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