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BCW: The Right Combination
Image courtesy of Brii Combination Wrestling

BCW: The Right Combination

By Bryan Revello, Editor in Chief

As the NYC independent wrestling scene continues to thrive, more and more new companies are popping up left and right. A higher standard of quality is beginning to trend as the norm and if you’re like me, many of these companies are worth spending your hard earned dollars on. Most recently, I attended an event put on by Brii Combination Wrestling, also known as BCW.

I am grateful to have attended their most recent show, “Return of Friday the 13th,” which was my first exposure to this product. The show was held at the legendary Elks Lodge in Queens, made famous by ECW, which seems to be the regular BCW venue.

From top to bottom, the show hit on all the right notes. I always praise a company that starts and ends their shows on time and BCW deserves the same praise. The venue was adequate for the number of attendees and provided an intimate atmosphere anchored by a loud and passionate crowd who was very familiar with the product. A hot crowd always makes a show more fun.

‘Return of Friday the 13th’ featured a stacked card of different wrestlers with different styles in differently themed matches. This aspect was definitely positive and made for a show that offered something for all flavors of wrestling fans.

The show featured some notable wrestlers that have been on WWE’s radar combined with many of our top local talent. It also featured a strong women’s match, a “Monster Mash Match” which was a four-way battle of tremendous human beings, a classic contract signing segment, a comedy match which results in a live game of ‘Guess Who!’ during the match, a Tag Team Grudge Match and some really solid in-ring work throughout the other matches.

Match Card from BCW Presents Return of Friday the 13th

Stray Observations from ‘Return of Friday the 13th

  • The year 2017 seems to be starting out great for “The Elite Athlete” Mike Orlando. He was recently down in Orlando, Florida for a tryout at the WWE Performance Center and had a killer match with Ryback for PPW. BCW appears to view him in high regard as he is seemingly positioned to be a major contender in the upcoming BCW Championship tournament.
  • This show also featured the BCW debut of Marc Hauss, who has been making waves on the NYC independent scene since last summer. Having gained visibility following the New York State Athletic Commission stopping his match with “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks last August, his stock continues to rise. He has recently made appearances in Warriors of Wrestling, Tier 1 Wrestling and Battle Club Pro and in his BCW debut, Hauss was featured in the pre-show and was part of an angle during the main show where he was christened as a new member of the PCA faction. His life coach and mentor Jackson Smart was with him, as always. Smart and PCA manager AJ Pan performed a slow and dramatic handshake to seal the deal. Very entertaining.
  • The ‘Monster Mash’ match was a ton of fun that saw four gargantuan men kicking the living crap out of each other. Brute Van Slyke is a beast and Dan Maff is one guy that you don’t want to mess with. Unless that is, you are looking for a black eye.
  • Maxwell Jacob Feinstein is money and he is only 20. This young man has all the talent to make it big in this business. If he can stay dedicated and put in the time (which he appears to be doing), the sky is the limit. He recently did a tour of England which is a strong accomplishment for a wrestler his age. Big things ahead for MJF.
  • Bull James took Darius Carter’s ‘Guy Fawkes mask’ and smashed it to pieces. Poor Mr. Carter. You can see this by checking out the highlight video at the end of this story.
  • Darius Carter was great as usual. The guy bleeds the ‘it factor” but I did take note that when standing next to a thick man like Bull James, it did give off the image that Darius is visually lean by comparison. I do not mean this as criticism towards Darius, he is one of my favorites, but adding some thickness to his body would probably benefit him as he continues to rise up the ranks of the indie scene.
  • “The Abominable” CPA is hilarious. During his match with MJF, he pulled out the classic board game “Guess Who?” which resulted in an impromptu game in the middle of the wrestling ring. He also had a classic spot where MJF pulled off his shirt and tie, only to reveal another shirt and tie. Amazing bit.
  • The show also featured a live music performance during intermission.
  • The contract signing segment featured some good mic work from Peter Rosado and set the table for excitement regarding the continuation of the feud between MJF and Sebastian Cage. Their next match is gonna be good.
  • It was a pleasure to see the well-respected Larry Legend serve as the emcee for the evening. In my opinion, he is one of the best ring announcers/emcees in all of pro wrestling/MMA. Here is a story we did on Larry this past year covering his career. Compelling story.
  • The crowd was very into Mega Muscle and Big O remains a very, very thick man.
  • Faye Jackson and Karen Q were impressive in their spotlight women’s match. BCW seems intent on making sure that talented female workers are featured on their shows as well. Women’s wrestling is hot right now.
  • Pinkie Sanchez and Caveman make a fantastic tag team. Both of their gimmicks are a natural fit as a tandem and they were impressive. The crowd was hot for them as well.

After the show, I was able to catch up with Peter Rosado, who can be heard on BCW broadcasts as their lead announcer. He also works closely with CEO and Promoter Anthony Cole regarding Talent Scouting, Outreach, Creative, & Production. As BCW approaches its one year anniversary show on March 3rd, Peter answered some questions about the company and his role.

Bryan Revello: How does it feel to make it to one year with BCW?

Peter Rosado: Making one year with BCW, especially in the NY/NJ market, is a fantastic feeling. There are so many good companies that run in this area and what separates the great ones from the pack is the ability to have consistency. We wanted to follow in those footsteps but also give the fans something that would stick out. Having been involved from the beginning and seeing how this company has evolved both product-wise and backstage has been incredible. As we get closer and closer to the anniversary show; just knowing how hard everybody has worked to get this company off the ground and to where it is now, I’m filled with excitement for what’s next.

Bryan Revello: Where is the company now compared to what you envisioned year one would look like when you first started BCW?

Peter Rosado: We always envisioned great things for BCW; even in year one, though many of us knew that it may take longer than that. Our CEO, Anthony Cole, had that mindset from the moment he made the decision that he was going to make this a reality. He wanted to create a company and a product that not only was he proud of, but the fans were equally as proud of. In our first year, we experienced our bumps and trials but that comes with the territory of not only this business but any endeavor. Going into our first anniversary with the team that we have aboard with some new faces and some not so new faces, we feel like there is no limit to where BCW can go.

Bryan Revello: Where do you see the company a year from now? 5 years? 10 years?

Peter Rosado:  In the coming years, we want for BCW to become a promotion that is not only loved by the fans but is a place where wrestlers want to be and work for. We want to be a company that is talked about not only in the NY/NJ independent market, but around the country and hopefully beyond that. We want our fans and talent to be able to say that they know BCW is committed to putting out a consistently top level product. We feel that we are on our way to doing that and the first step is creating that permanent foothold here in New York.

Bryan Revello: Any plans for the future that fans should feel excited about?

Peter Rosado: We are definitely excited for the huge Heavyweight Title Tournament that will be starting in April. Sixteen competitors will be stepping into the BCW ring for the opportunity to be known as the FIRST BCW Champion. It’s incredible the amount of responses we have received from talent who want to be a part of it and we cannot wait for our fans to find out who the competitors are. The first round matchups will be announced at our Anniversary show with the first round split between April & May. Our first champion will stand tall in that ring during our July show. And we are not stopping at the Heavyweight Title either. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available!

Bryan Revello: Can you provide a brief overview of how you got involved and what your specific roles are for BCW?

Peter Rosado: I’ve been with BCW since the absolute first show. I had been looking for commentary and/or managing opportunities in promotions to further expand my experience and viability in wrestling in my 4th year. I was offered a chance to audition as the lead commentator for the company at their first show. After the show ended, I was immediately hired. Over the course of the next few shows and meetings, I quickly transitioned to also having a role in Talent Relations & Creative. I am responsible for Talent Scouting, Outreach, Creative, & Production. I report directly to our CEO & Promoter, Anthony Cole. BCW has always been about putting people in positions to thrive and succeed; whether that be for talent or personnel. I’ve been blessed with this opportunity at BCW and am always looking for ways to help Mr. Cole and BCW grow #AllTheWayUp

This is a great time to start following BCW as they celebrate their one-year anniversary on March 3rd. Tickets can be purchased here.

In summary, BCW appears to be a great new company that cares about the fans and that promotes well on social media so fans are always kept up to date. You can access their Facebook page here. The head guys from BCW also occasionally go live on Facebook from Casa Restaurant & Lounge to promote their product. It is a fun watch. Check out their Facebook page and go to their one year anniversary show featuring Billy Gunn vs Mike Orlando and much more!

As a bonus, please enjoy this highlight video of BCW Presents ‘Return of Friday the 13th


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