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8 Great Sweat-Busting Solutions

Product Innovations Reduce Profuse Sweating Problems

Courtesy Sweat Block (

Courtesy Sweat Block (

Today’s breed of product innovations help address an age-old, embarrassing problem: excessive sweating.  No matter the season or reason, extreme, uncontrollable sweating is never welcome and it’s often a serious medical condition called hyperhidrosis. In fact, research shows that nearly five percent of the population suffers from the condition—that’s 367 million people worldwide struggling with disproportionate and random perspiration on their hands, feet, face, underarms, torso, lower extremities, or any combination of these!

Recognizing that dramatic sweating can cause embarrassment, stress, anxiety, and other emotional difficulties (as well as practical complications), an organization called the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhS) was created to help. Via its website, the IHhS provides current information about hyperhidrosis treatments, research updates, and support. For those looking for innovative sweat-management products, IHhS also maintains a useful product guide called  “Fan Faves” where you can receive special discounts and discover ingenious, cutting-edge products to help handle even the sweatiest situations.

Ready to create your own “know sweat” survival kit? Here are just some of the sweat-busting solutions available through the Fan Faves page to address the unwanted wet—whether it’s due to hyperhidrosis or just traversing day-to-day life.

Certain Dri Antiperspirant
For serious sweating, you need a serious—but gentle on the skin—antiperspirant and this brand duly delivers. In fact, Clinical Strength Certain Dri Roll On was developed specifically for people who experience underarm excessive sweating. Market research shows that, when medical professionals suggest an over-the-counter antiperspirant for underarm excessive sweating, they recommend the Certain Dri brand, by name, more than any other antiperspirant. This powerful antiperspirant is one of the most effective you can buy without a prescription. It contains aluminum chloride, the same ingredient prescribed by doctors for excessive sweating. For added comfort, Certain Dri products also fight odor.
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SweatBlock Antiperspirant
Using an exclusive formula and applicator, the makers of SweatBlock antiperspirant say they are already helping excessive sweating sufferers around the world. According to the company’s own research, this antiperspirant can work for up to 7 days. It’s been featured on The Rachel Ray Show and in Women’s Health magazine and is also reportedly a top-selling antiperspirant on Amazon.
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Summer Soles Shoe Liners
These peel-and-stick absorbent shoe liners are a technical marvel of form, fashion and function, ingeniously designed to take the tack, smack, and squish out of shoes. They’re a treat for those with sweaty feet. The company offers two types of fabric insoles. The first is Ultra Absorbent, a non-woven wool felt that channels perspiration through the crevices between the fibers, and across the sole as you walk, pushing moisture to the sides where it can dissipate. It feels like walking on carpet. The other is Softness of Suede, a polyester microfiber material that’s soft and plush, making it feel like you’re wearing socks. A longtime fan-favorite and recommended by Oprah, Summer Soles are removable and can be used in sandals, mules, pumps and other open shoes. Not just for women—they have Summer Soles for men and younger kids too!
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Cool-jams Performance Sleep Products
Get your zzz’s more comfortably with this hard-working collection of moisture wicking sleepwear and temperature-regulating bedding products utilizing technology developed by Outlast technology, originally for astronauts. These products help to keep core body temperature regulated and balanced—not too hot, not too cold. The products promise to keep you cool, dry and comfortable all night. Cool-jams sleepwear is made of a special micro-fiber wicking fabric that pulls heat and moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric. Once the moisture is drawn through the fabric, it dries rapidly… four times faster than cotton. It helps keep skin cool and dry when it’s warm outside, and dry and cozy when the temperature dips. Cool-jams offers men’s and women’s styles in sizes S-3X along with global shipping.
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Wicked Sheets Bedding
Made of a durable porous fabric, this bedding is designed to wick moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry while sleeping. These moisture-wicking bed sheets are a great find for those who are hot, sweaty sleepers. Wicked Sheets are comfortable, breathable, easy-to-clean, and have an antimicrobial element to help keep beds smelling fresh. Check out the new line of cooling sheets that are 2-3 degrees cooler to the touch than cotton. The Wicked Cooling-Combo Sheet Set combines both moisture-wicking and cooling fabrics into one complete bedding bundle.  The bedding comes in all sizes and can be ordered in Breezy Beige, Wicked White and the new Cool Gray. Pillowcases are included in sheet sets, but can also be ordered separately.
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R.A. Fischer’s Iontophoresis Device
You may have never heard of iontophoresis but, for sweaty hands, feet and sometimes underarms, this at-home, non-invasive, simple process has been a go-to solution for decades. R.A. Fischer’s FDA-cleared, medical-grade iontophoresis devices, which safely transmit mild electrical currents through water and into the skin, are designed for in-home use. Following the recommended schedule of using the iontophoresis device a few times a week, this process can reduce sweating in as little as two weeks.  Once the sweat has significantly decreased, users can continue treatments weekly to maintain their results. Do note that a physician’s prescription is required prior to purchase.
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Hidrex Iontophoresis Devices
Hidrex iontophoresis devices have been sold in Europe for over 35 years to treat sweaty hands, feet, and underarms and are now available in the U.S. After an initial therapy phase of approximately ten 15-minute sessions once a day, the user enters a maintenance phase of one 15-minute session per week to maintain results. Do note that a physician’s prescription is required prior to purchase.
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miraDry Treatments
While miraDry isn’t really a typical product, it’s worth a mention because it’s a relatively new treatment for excessive underarm sweating that lasts while also reducing underarm hair and odor. Using this FDA-cleared medical device, your doctor can actually destroy the sweat and odor glands (as well as hair follicles) in your underarms. Since these structures don’t grow back, the results are permanent. Most patients report little to no discomfort during the procedure and minimal to zero downtime afterwards. Of course you’ll need to visit a doctor who offers miraDry, so use the Physician Finder on to locate one or visit

In addition to great deals on these highly effective sweat management products, also provides useful, science-based, comprehensive information on hyperhidrosis. From all the current treatment options and clinical trials to finding a physician and navigating insurance coverage policies, this Web site can really help! There’s even an award-winning blog newsletter dedicated to sweat news. It’s a really informative, practical resource for those struggling with clinical hyperhidrosis or anyone who simply hates to sweat!


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