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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello
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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

  • When the Yankees acquired Didi Gregorius, his reputation was a player with good defense that could have offensive success against righties but a player that would be a liability against lefties.  Ever so quietly, Didi has figured out lefties thus far in 2016 as he is now hitting .368 (prior to Friday night’s game) and his season average is now over .280. This growth from Mr. Gregorius hasn’t received massive attention with the other things going on in Yankeeland but this has to be considered a big win so far for Didi and the Yanks. It was never going to be easy for the player that replaced Derek Jeter but Didi has quietly made the transition smoother than anticipated during his tenure with the Bombers.
  • C.C. Sabathia has continued his success as he still maintains an awesome 2.20 ERA so far this season. I wrote a few weeks ago about the coming regression based on sabermetric analysis but C.C. continues to defy the odds and has looked like a ace at times this season. The bad news is that a regression still seems likely and C.C. may be biding his time before he sees a major stat correction towards his ERA. Two really poor performances and his ERA will shoot back up into the threes in no time. I love the Yankees but I cannot see this success continue when he trots out there with a fastball that looks more like a B.P. fastball and his age and health are not in his favor either. It could be an ugly second half for the former All Star.
  • I am starting to get more peeved by the addition of the second wild card team. I just don’t believe that teams that are playing .500 baseball or slightly below should remain in the postseason chase and I especially have an issue with .500 teams having a chance to play in the postseason when other stronger teams achieved 100 wins over the long and grueling 162 game season. In my opinion, any team that can barely win more games that they have lost DO NOT deserve a chance to be World Champions. Just my opinion…

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Bryan Revello is the Editor in Chief for New York Sportscene. A New York Yankees analyst and enthusiast, he can be heard talking about the New York Yankees on the Spadora on Sports radio program. Questions or comments can be sent to

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