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Welcome to the Wrestlers’ Laboratory
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Welcome to the Wrestlers’ Laboratory

The Wrestlers’ Laboratory is a new and experimental wrestling company based in New York City. The brainchild of Tier 1 Wrestling’s Social Media Content Creator Chris Ruiz, this exciting promotion aims to highlight in their words “fresh faces having new matches” and they delivered exactly what they claimed.

The first-ever show entitled “Volume 1” took place on July 10th in Brooklyn before Tier 1 Wrestling’s “One Year Anniversary” show and offers a lot to be excited about moving forward.

The debut show featured three matches with following wrestlers:

  • Mr. Grim
  • Dicky Moon
  • Steve Scott
  • Adrian Armour
  • Mike Law
  • Ryan Galeone
  • Brick Mastone

Their matches were entertaining and featured good in-ring action. The hunger and determination from the competitors was evident as well. In short, the Wrestlers’ Laboratory highlighted some very talented but lesser known workers in a highly credible fashion.

Some random observations:

  • Dicky Moon was funny persona as he appeared to be a cross between a hippy and a mountain man.
  • Ryan Galeone is a big scary man but looks like he may be a teddy bear outside the ring. I still wouldn’t think about messing with him .
  • …but maybe not as scary as Mr. Grim. This guy was large and in charge and he followed his victory by placing his opponent inside a body bag and carrying him away.
  • Seriously though, Mr. Grim looks like he eats small children for breakfast.
  • Mike Law’s “Colossal” gimmick is hysterical and he showed off his superior comedic timing and skills during his match.
  • Self-proclaimed “social media advisor and life coach,” Jackson Smart was also in attendance scouting for talent. I would guess that he is a manager seeking the right wrestler for his services as he was seen talking to the Colossal Mike Law backstage after Law’s match.

After the show, an excited and relieved Chris Ruiz made himself available for a quick Q and A session.

Q: Why did you start the Wrestlers’ Laboratory and how did the opportunity present itself?

A: I started Wrestlers’ Lab to help talent get noticed, and fuel their passion by providing them with new and exciting matches. On a slightly more selfish note, I also did it build experience for myself.

Q: Where do you see the Wrestlers’ Laboratory in a year? What is your long term vision?

A: In a year, I see The Lab’s YouTube account being a valuable resource to fans, wrestlers, and promoters alike. I also think that, because I’m attempting to provide a service by offering these matches for free, this is something that could easily be added to any independent wrestling event. So, maybe some Lab road trips are in the cards. Long term, I just want to make a difference in some careers. Whether that means inspiring someone like myself, or being the reason why a certain talent gets discovered and exposed on a bigger stage.

Q: What is your personal history with Pro Wrestling? How did you get involved on the inside of the business?

A: I started as a student at the New York Wrestling Connection training academy. In total, I did about two and a half years of in-ring work there under Pat Buck, and then Tony Nese, Alex Reynolds, and Francis Kipland Stevens. Both periods were amazing learning experiences. Meanwhile, I also began doing some writing for them. I eventually came to the realization that I didn’t want to do anything in wrestling half-assed, and so I gave up my ASICS in search of a permanent role as a writer. Despite it being such a deservedly reputable promotion, I didn’t feel fulfilled doing writing for NYWC for one reason or another. I then began writing my own articles on a blog that I started called Ref Bump Review, which I was never terribly good at keeping up with. During that time, I took a shot in the dark and reached out to Dennis Long of Tier 1 Wrestling, and it didn’t take much for me to prove myself writing-wise. I’ve been Tier 1’s social media content creator pretty much from the beginning, which smoothly transitioned into a 50/50 creative partnership. Now, that partnership has actually grown into a friendship, so the trust was there for him to allow me to launch Wrestlers’ Lab. It’s an awesome thing.

Q: Do you have any random thoughts or a message for fans of Tier 1 and The Lab?

A: If you’re going to give any local independents a shot, it should be Tier 1 and Wrestlers’ Lab. That’s two shows for the price of one, and we do this to legitimately make a difference. This business can be tough, and it can harden people. It can make them flat out bitter. Personally, I think there’s a lot of room in wrestling for selflessness, and even more so for collaboration. I just want to create a fun environment that actually benefits everyone involved.

For those that were unable to attend this inaugural show, please take a look at the highlight reel below.

Wrestlers’ Laboratory will be running their sophomore show on August 7th in Brooklyn, NY prior to the next Tier 1 show. This event is free so it is definitely worth checking out for any local fan of pro wrestling. Damien Sandow headlines the Tier 1 show so these are definitely two shows worth checking out. Please visit for event info and tickets.

This is the poster for the next Wrestlers’ Laboratory show entitled “Quick, the Antidote.”


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