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Tier 1 Wrestling Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary
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Tier 1 Wrestling Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary

By Bryan Revello, Editor-in-Chief

Last December, New York Sportscene featured a review of Tier 1 Wrestling calling it the “best new Indy you’ve never heard of.” Since that time, the New York City based independent wrestling company continues to impress fans having just celebrated their one year anniversary with a great show on July 10th in Brooklyn.

Tier 1 Wrestling has thrived by pushing the best stars in the NYC region while also bringing in top nationally recognized independent names as well. It also doesn’t hurt that their core roster is headlined by Rude Boy Riley and Darius Carter who both shine as standouts that will eventually find great opportunities at the “next level”. Notable names that have worked their past few shows include Timothy Thatcher, Tommaso Ciampa, Matthew Riddle, Fred Yehi, Ethan Page, Jonathan Gresham, Gran Akuma and Caleb Konley. They have even booked Damien Sandow for their upcoming August show. However, in my opinion, the real all-stars of the roster include Travis “Flip” Gordon, Sonny Kiss, JGeorge, David Starr, Space Monkey and the aforementioned Rude Boy Riley and Darius Carter. I’m certain that we are going to be seeing these guys rise up the pro wrestling ranks in a relatively short amount of time.

The in-ring work at the One Year Anniversary show was outstanding as usual but “One Year Later” had a few other highlights as well.Some of the most notable are as follows.

  • The debut of the Wrestlers’ Laboratory, the brainchild of Tier 1 Wrestling’s Chris Ruiz, which was advertised as “fresh faces having new matches” and highlighted new wrestlers prior to the start of the Tier 1 show.
  • JGeorge bringing a puppy into the ring and using the pup as a foreign object. The furry little guy even went for as cover but Curt Stallion kicked out.
  • An out of control “chair battle” during the Cutthroat Kings/Viking War Party match. The Cutthroat Kings urged fans to hand them as many chairs as they could and there may have been 30 chairs pulled from the crowd, some used as weapons and others to simply pile on top of one of the competitors. The match also featured all four men sitting in chairs, having a “punch off” during the out-of-the-ring brawl. Absolute Chaos.
  • During the six man match, there was a spot where all of wrestlers locked up only to break out in to a conga line and impromptu dance party as “The Macarena” played over the speaker. Of course the dance party ended when the wrestlers remembered they were there to beat each other up instead of dance. Good comedy spot.
  • The ‘match of the night’ for me was the three way dance that saw the Fred Yehi (aka the Stomp Master) defeat Jonathan Gresham and Black Baron.

After the show, Tier 1 Wrestling owner Dennis Long answered a few questions about his feelings on making it to one year and his vision for the company.

Q: How does it feel to make it to one year with Tier 1 Wrestling?

A: It feels great, but it also feels like there’s no time to rest. [The effort from] 2015 to 2016 now takes the form of a challenge to outdo ourselves. We packed a lot into that year, and things are only going to get bigger and better for the remainder of 2016. “A Savior Amongst Us” on August 7th is going to be a huge show for us.

Q: Where is the company now compared to what you envisioned “year one” would look like when you first started Tier 1 Wrestling?

A: To be honest, we’re a lot further along than we expected. When we reflect on everything that’s happened for us, we’re sometimes blown away, but at the same time we know that this has been a daily grind for us. We’re always looking for ways to separate ourselves from the pack, and we feel pretty confident that we’ve done a really good job of that.

Q: Where do you see the company one year from now?

A: Building a lot more bridges and helping to get a lot more talent to the next level. By our second anniversary, I think that Tier 1 will be even more synonymous with opportunity, and the youth movement.

Q: Are there any plans for the future that Tier 1 fans can get excited about?<p>

A: The plan is to just stick to our mission statement. Do good business, and bring genuine change. Make use of the guys who aren’t appreciated for how good they really are instead of relying on big names and “dream matches.” We want to be facilitators of the future, and maybe, just maybe, that might even mean opening up a school.

In honor of Tier 1 Wrestling’s one year anniversary, check out this highlight reel from the last show and mark your calendar for Sunday, August 7th when Tier 1 Wrestling presents “A Savior Amongst Us” which promises to be the biggest show in the company’s history. Tickets can be purchased at

Here is the poster for the next show.


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