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Tier 1 Meteoric Results 05/20/16 from Brooklyn, NY

‘METEORIC’ is in the books, and here are the official results.

Before the show got underway, Milk Chocolate hit the ring to address the Tier 1 fans regarding their future after Brandon Watts recently underwent successful surgery for his severe neck injury. The Cutthroat Kings made their way out and threatened to attack Summers and his injured partner, but Mike Orlando, Sonny, Kiss, and Alex Mason quickly made the save to even the odds. A brawl ensued, but – much the the outrage of Tier 1 management and the fans in attendance – the scheduled six-man tag team match was tossed out by the NYSAC.

In ‘The Darius Carter Brass Ring Invitational’, Mr. Carter defeated ‘Hot Sauce’ Tracy Williams after using the official as a human shield allowed him to catch ‘Hot Sauce’ off guard. A well-placed drop down tripped Williams and sent him throat-first into the middle rope. As he stumbled to his feet, Carter dropped him with The Foreclosure for the victory.

Due to continuous outside interference from FEDERATED, Fallah Bahh charged the ring and fought side by side with ‘The Beast of Belfast’. As a result, the one-on-one Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title match between the defending Big Damo and ‘The Visionary’ VsK became a tag team match between VsK and Ace Romero, and the gargantuan dream team of Big Damo and Fallah Bahh. Ultimately, VsK was able to score the pin-fall on Fallah Bahh. After the match, Big Damo thanked the fans and lead them in a “BAHH” chant. Fallah responded with a “DA-MO” chant. As the two exited, the fans sent Damo off with a well-deserved chant of “Please come back.”

The Six Way Elimination Fray between ‘The Unpredictable’ JGeorge, Stitch Osiris, Christian Casanova, Damian Gibbs, Matt Macintosh, and Vinny Pacifico took an unexpected turn when the rookie was paid off for his spot by none other than Mr. Darius Carter. Pacifico looked conflicted, but made his way to the back as Carter got in the faces of his most passionate detractors. There was so much innovative offense in this Fray. ATL’s resident off-the-wall warrior, Stitch Osiris, and Christian Casanova spent part of the match working together to punish ‘The Prince of Aesthetics’ Damian Gibbs. JGeorge, true to his moniker, spent a portion of the match in the commentary booth. Macintosh impressed with his crisp, hard-hitting style. In the end, it came down to Carter and ‘The Thriller of New England’ Christian Casanova. Despite coming within inches of a potentially finishing blow, Casanova was caught with a brutal yakuza kick and pinned with a handful of tights. After the match, Pacifico came to the ring to congratulate Carter and, presumably, to collect his payment, but Carter shoved him off by his face. Pacifico answered back with a stiff forearm shot that stunned Carter and sent the Brooklyn crowd into a frenzy, but he was quickly put down with a Foreclosure.

After Carter exited the ring and made his way to the back, ominous music hit. None other than Pinkie Sanchez made his way down to the ring; lurking ever-closer to the fallen Pacifico. Sanchez claimed that he’s “for the kids,” helped Vinny to his feet, and embraced him. The crowd let out an “aww,” but could sense that something wasn’t quite right. Sanchez suddenly attacked Pacifico, and the confrontation turned into an impromptu match. The young rookie fought valiantly with the crowd firmly behind him, but Sanchez was able to put him away with a top rope double stomp with Pacifico still on his feet. Pinkie grabbed the mic and put the Tier 1 locker room, as well as NYC promoters who wanted him out of the scene, on notice. On his way out, Gran Akuma’s music hit. The two shared a bizarre moment in the entrance-way where Pinkie hugged Akuma, said something into his ear, and pointed towards the ring as the hooded veteran marched forward.

After an intense, back and forth contest, a cringe-worthy crash-landing from the top rope put Black Baron away. If there’s one thing that’s indicative of Gran Akuma’s change of attitude, it’s his new-found killer instinct and lack of concern for the well-being of his opponents.

The animosity between Matt Riddle and Caleb Konley elevated both of these competitors’ games to new heights. They struck harder, wrestled more aggressively, and took more punishment than perhaps they ever have before; truly pushing each other to their limits in the process. Throughout the match, Konley did everything he could to avoid the dreaded cross armbar, and threw everything in his arsenal at the former UFC fighter. In the end, Matt Riddle took every strike and slam that Konley could dish out and still found a way to out-power and out-maneuver Impact Wrestling’s newest signing. Riddle ravenously looked for that cross armbar, and he eventually found it; tapping Konley out for the W.

The Tier 1 Championship match between the defending Rude Boy Riley and the homecoming king of Brooklyn was every bit as intense and expected, and then some. ‘The Notorious 187’ Homicide hasn’t lost a step. As a matter of fact, he seems to have found some new ones. As the match went on, the heart of ‘The Fresh Prince of Shaolin’ was put to the test, but he never wavered. He fought hard, survived a Cop Killa and a vicious lariat, and had enough in him to hit Homicide with a second pop-up knee for the win.

After the main event, Homicide gave Riley his bandanna in what we can only assume was a display of respect, but what went down after that completely confused everyone in attendance, especially the Tier 1 Champion. Gran Akuma made his way out and attempted to attack Homicide from behind, but Riley shoved ‘The Notorious 187 out of harms way and took the blow instead. Homicide picked up the Tier 1 Championship and looked poised to clock Akuma with it, but instead draped it over his shoulder as Riley looked on in shock. Homicide exited, and Akuma laid the title down in front of Riley and crouched down to look him in his eyes; sending a clear message to the man who had just won the most hard-fought match of his career. What was Homicide’s agenda? When will Rude Boy Riley get his hands on Gran Akuma? Find out the answer to these questions and more very soon, and be there when Tier 1 Wrestling returns with ‘One Year Later’ on Sunday July 10th!

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