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For Mets fans: McAndrew-Dyer Battery Strikes Again!
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For Mets fans: McAndrew-Dyer Battery Strikes Again!


By Cami Lee Dyer, Contributing Writer

This story is “amazing” (Mets pun “right off-the-bat”) as it contains all the best things in life: family, long-time friends, baseball and yes, even a miracle! It all began in 1967 when a pitcher, Jim McAndrew and a catcher, Duffy Dyer were teammates on the New York Mets’ minor league team in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Not only were Jim and Duffy friends, teammates and roommates, but they both were married to women named Lynn (Lynn Dyer and Lyn McAndrew) each expecting their first child. On September 2nd, Jim received news that his wife, Lyn had given birth to a healthy baby boy, Jamie McAndrew, who came two weeks late. He immediately shared the exciting news and a cigar with Duffy. A few hours later, Duffy received a similar phone call from his mother, letting him know the exciting news that he also was a father!  His wife, Lynn (my mother) had given birth to healthy baby girl, Cami Lee Dyer, (me) two weeks early!


Two baseball brats - Jamie McAndrew & Cami Dyer

Two baseball brats – Jamie McAndrew & Cami Dyer

Duffy then shared his good news (and another cigar) with Jim. The next morning, they decided to go to church, as they both were feeling extremely blessed. Unfortunately, Duffy, who had never smoked anything before the infamous, celebratory cigars, was not feeling well and became sick on the church steps! Luckily, he made a fast and full recovery and the blessed battery of brand new fathers, celebrated with their team, both having an incredible game. Jim threw a one-hitter, giving up a single to the lead-off batter. He also helped offensively with a single in the fourth inning, behind one of Duffy’s doubles.


McAndrew and Dyer both moved up to the big leagues and played for the New York Mets in two World Series, including the famous “Miracle Mets”! McAndrew retired from baseball in 1974 with the Padres and made a career in sales/management within the coal industry.

The Mets traded Duffy to the Pirates, with whom he played for four seasons. He then was with the Montreal Expos for the ’79 season and ended his playing career with the Detroit Tigers in 1981 season. He has continued in baseball as a coach/manager for the Cubs, Brewers, A’s, and Twins and is currently managing a (college league) team, the Kenosha Kingfish.

The Kingfish won their World Series and were named Top Franchise of the entire thirty-nine leagues, for the 2015 season. Duffy was also named Manager of the Year.

Now, forty-nine years later, these friends and former teammates have even more in common: a love for the greatest game on earth, matching World Series rings, loving and lasting marriage of fifty years (not a commonality in Major League Baseball). Each has four children and both live in/around Phoenix, Arizona.

Their ties and coincidental similarities have now reached the third generation with Max McAndrew (Jaime’s son) and Drew Dyer, (my brother, Brian’s eldest son). Max and Drew had never met, in fact didn’t even know each other existed! But ended up at same high school, playing baseball for the Brophy Broncos! And, Yes!  You guessed it: the same McAndrew-Dyer battery!

These two Broncos definitely have baseball in their blood! Jaime, Max’s father (and my first kiss, as seen in photo) also pitched in the major leagues with the Milwaukee Brewers. Drew’s father (my brother) played college ball and is currently coaching with Duffy (my father) the Kenosha Kingfish. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both families, bound by baseball!


Drew Dyer and Max McAndrew

About the Author

Cami Lee Dyer is the daughter of 1969 World Series champion Duffy Dyer and is a baseball enthusiast. She has recently started a new business making accessories from real MLB baseballs. You can find out more about Cami and her projects at Questions or comments can be sent to Cami at

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