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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello
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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

Playoff bound…but what about the Starting Rotation?

Every baseball fans knows that the most exciting parts of the season are the beginning and the end of the season. The beginning of the season is when Spring unofficially begins and the final six weeks of the season is when the playoff race really heats up. The early part is relaxed and easy going and the latter part is exciting but more intense.

Now that the trade deadline has passed, the Yanks are ready to battle throughout the rest of the summer as they seek a playoff berth for the first time in what Yankee-land feels like forever. However, I still have major concerns with the Starting Rotation.

As of the time of this writing, the Yankees have not made any splash in the trade market despite the teams’ need for help in that department. Tanaka still has uncertainty attached to him based on his partially torn UCL and Pineda is back on the DL with a forearm strain. CC is a shell of his former self and cannot stand the heat (literally) and Eovaldi is still growing as a pitcher. There is reason to be worried moving forward.

Having not made a big deadline acquisition, the Yanks will now look to top starting pitching prospect Luis Serevino to make an immediate splash and add much needed quality depth. He is supposed to be a strong player in the future so immediate success would go a long way for the Yanks. I also think Adam Warren should have always remained a starter and I hope they decide to put him back there soon enough.

There is also the likelihood that they make some waiver trade for a starter sometime in August because of all the uncertainty that we just reviewed. If they really want to win in October, these issues will need to be addressed or else they may be the very reason that the Yankees do not fulfill their goal of becoming World Champions in 2015.

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