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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello


  • What a game last night! It always hurts a little more when you lose a marathon game (especially to the Red Sox) but considering the Yankees were trailing in the bottom of the 9th, 16th and 18th inning and still managed to keep extending the game shows a lot of guts. One of the more exciting 19 inning games you will see. It actually ended up being the longest game in Red Sox history by time, officially lasting six hours and 49 minutes.


  • Tanaka has been a popular topic this past week. I was very clear in 2014 on my thinking that the best move for the future was biting the bullet last summer and having Tommy John Surgery right away so that he could have immediately began working his way back to the team and getting ready to produce in 2016. The Yankees and Tanaka chose rest and rehab and the short term results are not encouraging. It is understandable to take the point of view that the season is young and that he deserves some time to try and work his way through this but I see things differently. Tanaka showed early last year that he is a machine and a very dominant pitcher. He didn’t allow four runs in any of his first 16 starts. But he has now allowed at least four earned runs in four of his past five outings — the two before he was diagnosed the past season with a partial tear in his ulnar collateral ligament and his three since. In addition, he’s only had two starts in his MLB career in which he went fewer than five innings, and they were his LAST TWO outings. On Monday, I saw a pitcher that was uncharacteristically lacking control of his pitches. This concerns me far greater than his lack of velocity. This guy is elite when he is healthy and he most certainly did not show that in his first start. I have watched more than enough baseball in my life to smell when something is off and let me tell you…something is off. I really hope that Tanaka finds a way to rise above this situation but I think the most likely outcome is that he ends up on the operating table in 2015 and quite possibly before the All Star break.


  • Fun Fact: The Yankees have told us that they are looking to get younger and build for the future and the strongest evidence is in the numbers. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Yankees started the season with average roster age of 30 years and 33 days. That’s their lowest average Opening Day age since 1996 (29 years and 299 days).

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Bryan Revello is the Editor in Chief for New York Sportscene. A New York Yankees analyst and enthusiast, he can be heard talking about the New York Yankees on the Spadora on Sports radio program. He is also having issues trying to choose a new picture for this column now that Derek Jeter has retired (recommendations are welcome.) He can reached at


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