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What is Deemohaus? And how can I get in? From a newly indoctrinated circle mate perspective…

What is Deemohaus? And how can I get in? From a newly indoctrinated circle mate perspective…

Grab a drink, listen to live music, sit down at a poker table, watch a game on one of a mass of flat screen TVs, play 18 holes of golf anywhere in the world… You have just entered Deemohaus, the ultimate man cave  Admission: Free. Friendship required.

Deemohaus is the brainchild of Danny “Deemo” Monosson, whose quest for a 24/7 indoor golf practice facility ended with a FullSwingGolf simulator  in his living room. His wife Lauren  freaked. The 12X18 foot black box monstrosity filled their living room– edging out the “unnecessary” dining room table and chairs and overtaking the entire main space of their home. There had to be another way and the ever-ingenious Deemo found one by digging out his basement and creating a space for the golf simulator and everything else with which he likes to populate his world. Most important though are Deemo’s friends, his “circle” as he calls them.

When I step into Deemohaus on festival days, I am instantly welcomed by many circle members that roam the premises. Deemo says he hosts any to all of his friends at any given time, come one, come all if you’ve passed go to the circles’s one soul, many bodies mantra to live. Their enthusiasm is infectious. I feel like I’m on sensory overload. And I love it.

Music from Deemohaus’ first album released in December 2013 (the band was named for his mancave  plays in the background, a rowdy game of poker is in progress, several friends are watching The Players Championship, others sit at the fully stocked bar nursing a beer, or something heavier. At times, they turn down the music and band-members and friends hold an impromptu jam session. The space boasts enough instruments for a rock concert or Broadway show. A pizza delivery man gets swept into the madness. While dropping off a pie, he mentions he plays guitar and within minutes, Deemo has him set up to jam along with the rest.

The circle ushers me into their ranks, asking me to sit down at the bar: “Drink?” “Food?” “Poker tournament should be over soon – want in on the next?” “Do you play an instrument?” “Sing?”

And then there’s the Full Swing Golf simulator, a crowd favorite, that started it all to which Dee now even owns a piece of the company. Wife Lauren got her living/dining area back when Deemohaus man cave was built with by circle members direct to Dee’s own hands, but Lady Hauser rarely uses the official living room. Instead she can be found logging countless hours on the simulator. It helped bring her handicap down 5 strokes and no surprise, she is currently leading in a mini-sim tournament against 3 other circle members.

What started with a golf simulator became an enterprise. Deemo’s band first album was followed up in 2015 with DeemoFunHaus, 26 original creations from rock to the “horror” of Peter the Pirate under the covers action recorded as Pete (dee in pirate mode) battled the thing next to him keeping him up all night with noises as she slept and he tossed to turned to laughed it off. The third official album of 14 songs is in the works, already completed for its structure to guts, now the DumbleDee has to figure out who gonna play what on which track! Rob ScheeeneSoMean his name looks like a hot rod has become a staple within the band as the latest album final form takes shape , recording on tap to be released by Fall 2015.

With Deemohaus music, Deemo’s idea is that when you play golf, you get 18 different holes. You don’t want to play the same golf hole over and over. Why should every track on an album be in the same genre? “I like rock, jazz, blues, classical, funk — all of it and I have the chops to play it so why not!” says Deemo. Deemohaus original co-creator Sal Novello who currently is recording his own album agrees: “I also love all types of music so why should we limit ourselves? All tracks on all albums are original. “Create, don’t imitate,” says Deemo, one of many Deemoisms I heard during my time with him. Deemo readily admits many don’t understand him and often relies on others he seems to speak to without talking to translate. He later refers to a roasted memolian – Novello tells me to read Deemo’s book…

The album “Life in Deemohaus” proves Deemo’s theory works. It’s a symphony of sounds backed in many cases by lyrics that stay with you long after the songs end (some of the songs are instrumental). A classical piece “Classaziti Piano Riff…” is balanced by the hypnotic “Deemo Love Sonnet” whose synth to piano to strings have been known to induce goose bumps to raised arm salutes, leading into another thought change of the pulsating rock of “Frankie Dee” is markedly different from the dreamy ballad “The Only One.” And “Hypocrisy” and “Bridge Jumper” will make you rock and make you think.  As with the book, whatever your opinion is of the works, we all agree is that it taps a wide swatch of emotions to musical disciplines with always a nod to style.

Then there is the book “Revenge of the Cheesesteak,” which Deemo describes as “The Godfather meets Caddyshack.” Centered around a yearly golf trip Deemo takes with his circle, the book contains hilarious stories and situations along with Deemoisms about friendship — the same ones that inspired his mancave. “Golf,” says Deemo, “lets friends share their ‘energy capsule’ together in a way that no other sport can. A game where you play against your friend, but your fate lies in your hands.”

Golf appears to be the centering device to hold it together which is made even more confusing in that Dee’s a better skier than golfer and would choose the mountains full of deep white fresh snow over pastures of green if given the choice.  However, when trying to figure who you should be spending most of your light with, Deemo says that “In golf, one’s character can be seen on the links. It allows people from all walks of life, ages become one spiritually in friendly competition playing this glorious game, where man, green grass and mates all become part of one circle.”

The golf simulator that spawned a basement, a book, a band and 3 albums created that circle. Deemo tells me his ultimate goal with his mancave is for his circle to enjoy it all. In the end, Deemo says would jump off a bridge for his friends. After spending an afternoon with Deemo, I’m ready to move in and join the circle.

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