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UPW March Meltdown Full Results 3/14 from Rochester, NY

The Eagles Club in Rochester, New York was the site for UPW’s March Meltdown 2015 The night was highlighted by the crowning of new tag champs, the opening round of a tournament to crown a new No Limits Champion, and war waged once again with the UPW Heavyweight Title at stake. Here’s a recap of all the action.

Showcase matches:

1. Six-Person Tag Match

LaDiva, Jet Rebel, & Jay Flyier vs. Ryan Cassidy, Joe O’Connor, & Jason Savior
The opening showcase match of March Meltdown was a six-person tag match highlighted by Jet Rebel making his UPW debut as well as LaDiva’s first match competing against the men of UPW in hopes of proving she can survive and thrive against male competition as well. LaDiva’s team took control in the early going isolating Cassidy. Cassidy eventually tagged in Savior who cleaned house on all three. Finish saw O’Connor hit top rope headbutt, Cassidy hit a top rope splash, and Savior hit a running senton on Flyier for the three-count.

Winners: Ryan Cassidy, Joe O’Connor, & Jason Savior

2. Scramble Match

Krist Worthless vs. Anthony Gaines vs. Plunkett (w/Nick Harter) vs. Jeff Sturgis vs. Eric Rosecroft vs. Asylum

Scramble match featuring six men looking to make an impact as Asylum made his UPW debut. Plunkett badmouthed his opponents before the match telling them he should’ve been in the No Limits Title tournament. They responded by attacking Plunkett at the start of the match. Action spilled to the outside with Worthless hitting a top rope plancha and Gaines hitting a top rope moonsault. Back inside Worthless looked to have victory sewn up but Sturgis came in and delivered a thunderous clothesline to get the victory.

Winner: Jeff Sturgis

3. “The Bandit” John Reynolds vs. Yamaraj

Young upstart from Nepal in Yamaraj taking on the masked man from Texas making his UPW debut. Reynolds took control in the early going, but Yamaraj used his educated feet to throw off Reynolds and hit a running forearm to knock him out in getting the pin.

Winner: Yamaraj

Mattick/Marc Hauss Interviews:

Due to respective injuries, Mattick was forced to relinquish his No Limits Title and The MOTN Lions, Nick Ando and Marc Hauss, were forced to give up their Tag Team Titles. All men came out to address their situations. Mattick said despite his foot injury, he’d be back hopefully in a few months and better than ever. Hauss said that because of the severity of his knee injury, his timetable to return was uncertain, if he’d be able to wrestle again. Then Cloudy, the leader of the MOTN Lions, came out. Cloudy said that he didn’t care or feel sorry for either man and that he was going to become the new No Limits Champion. Then he started badmouthing Mattick which led to Milliman sticking up for his partner and challenging Cloudy to a match. As Ando and Hauss were about to leave, Cloudy said he was the reason they were the tag champs. An incensed Ando came into the ring and slapped Cloudy in the face. Ando grabbed the mic and said that he and Hauss have saved Cloudy since day one and they were the reason he had won UPW Heavyweight Championship last year. Ando also said that he was entering himself into the No Limits Title tournament and he hoped Cloudy makes it to the final so that he could beat some sense into him.

Main Show

1. No Limits Title Tournament (First Round)

“The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint vs. Victor Lord

First round match featuring former champion Gabreal Saint taking on Victor Lord, two men who have had their share of battles over the title in the past. Lord used his power and size advantage to take control in the early going. But Saint used his quickness and quick striking to gain the advantage. Both men went back and forth getting near falls. But Saint hit a top rope forearm and his patented frog splash to score the victory and advance to the tournament final, a four way elimination match set for May’s Anniversary Anarchy.

Winner: Gabreal Saint

2. Chris Cayden & “The Cali Kid” Jordan Falco vs. Ron Falco

Handicap match stemming from WrestleBowl 2015 where Jordan Falco turned on his father, Ron. Cayden and Jordan used their numbers advantage to double-team Ron. Throughout the match. Falco valiantly fought back but a corner splash intended for Cayden took out referee Brett Vincent instead. With Vincent down, Cayden used a steel chair to take Ron down. But Jordan snuck in as Vincent came to for the three-count. Cayden was visibly perturbed as he seemingly did all of the work but it was Jordan who got all the glory.

Winners: Chris Cayden & Jordan Falco

3. No Limits Title Tournament (First Round)

“Rain on Your Parade” Cloudy vs. “The Flower City Kid” Milliman (w/Mattick)

First round match set up from what happened right before the main show started. Mattick at ringside to support his Roc City Warrior partner. Back and forth match with both men getting several near falls on the other. A frustrated Cloudy went after Mattick who was hobbling around ringside on his crutches. The distraction led to Milliman hitting a baseball slide and moonsault to the outside on Cloudy. Back inside Cloudy rushed at Milliman who caught him and delivered a fireman’s carry driver for the three-count. Undoubtedly the biggest win in Milliman’s career as he moves on to the finals.

Winner: Milliman

4. Match for the vacant UPW Tag Team Championship

The Easy Riders (Harley Stevens & “Big Mutha Trucka” Dewey Murray w/Jeff Sturgis) vs. The Rochester Wrecking Crew (Hellcat & Rob “Just 2” Sweet)

Tag Team Titles on the line in this match featuring two former tag team champions. Dewey Murray took Jeff Sturgis’s spot in The Easy Riders since Sturgis wrestled earlier in the show. RWC took control in the early going isolating Dewey. But Dewey eventually tagged in Harley and the two double-teamed Sweet. Hellcat gets the tag and hits a flatliner for a nearfall. A big boot by Harley earns him a nearfall of his own. While Sweet and Dewey fought on the outside with referee Kevin Carson trying to separate the two. Meanwhile, Sturgis threw in a chain but it went to Hellcat. Stevens went for a back suplex but Hellcat nailed him with the chain. Carson came back in to make the three-count and the Rochester Wrecking Crew are the new UPW Tag Team Champions. Post-match. Harley blamed Sturgis for the loss and he and Dewey attacked him. Dewey and Harley then proclaimed themselves as the Interstate Madmen. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, Jeff Sturgis is a man now on his own in UPW.

Winners and New Champions: The Rochester Wrecking Crew

5. No Limits Title Tournament (First Round)

Cheech vs. “Your Captain” Nick Ando

Two men who are no strangers to each other did battle in this first round matchup. Interesting dynamic in this one was the fan support for Nick Ando given his actions against Cloudy earlier in the show. Cheech with the upper hand early on, Ando fought back, but Cheech seemed to stay one step ahead throughout. After several near falls both mean went for several rollups but Ando reversed Cheech’s sunset flip into a sunset flip of his own to get the three-count. A huge win for Ando as he advanced to the final in hopes of regaining the No Limits Title and breaking away from the shadow of Cloudy in the MOTN Lions.

Winner: Nick Ando

6. No Limits Title Tournament (First Round)

“The Appalachian Outlaw” Jock Samson vs. “Extremely Cute Wrestler” Colin Delaney

First round match featuring perennial fan favorite Colin Delaney and a veteran of the ring wars making his UPW debut, Jock Samson, who certainly didn’t endear himself to the fans before the match. Delaney outwrestled Jock in the early going, but Jock used his size and brawling to overpower Delaney as the action spilled outside. Back inside, Samson kept the advantage but Delaney fought back. Samson seemingly had victory in hand, but Delaney caught Jock with a jumping stunner from the second rope for the three-count. A great showing by Samson, but Delaney gets the duke advancing to the final.

Winner: Colin Delaney

7. Bobby Dipinto vs. “Sik” Rik Matrix

Singles match with the uncontrollable and unpredictable Matrix taking on one of the top young rising stars in UPW in Dipinto. Both men shook hands to start out but Matrix put an end to that by attacking Dipinto. Dipinto fought back hitting a spear for a near fall and cross bodyblock to the outside with both men landing hard on the guard rail. Back inside, Matrix regained control and went outside grabbing the timekeeper’s chair. This would backfire however as Dipinto hit another spear this time springboarding off the chair for a near fall. Somehow Matrix recovered and had enough left to hit his patented Matrix Driver for the three-count. The path of destruction for UPW’s resident crazy one continues.

Winner: Rik Matrix

8. UPW Heavyweight Title Match

“The Rican Sensation” Maximo Suave vs. Coconut Jones (c)

March Meltdown’s main event was a title rematch from Wrestlebowl 2015 with heavyweight champion Coconut Jones defending against former partner and best friend Maximo Suave. Coconut took control in the early going, but missed a roundhouse kick outside hitting the steel ringpost. The challenger took advantage working on Coconut’s left ankle throughout the match. Undeterred, the champion showed heart and fighting spirit mounting a coming back. But Maximo also wouldn’t be denied and hit several superkicks for near falls. Coconut hit a suicide dive to Maximo on the outside. But the pain from Coconut’s injured ankle was too much to overcome and Maximo beat the champion back in before the ten count for the countout victory. Much to Maximo’s dismay the title cannot change hands on a countout. Post-match, Coconut challenged Maximo to one more match, a street fight for the title at UPW’s next show, Anniversary Anarchy 12. No count-outs, no disqualifications, there must be a winner. The stakes have now been raised in this feud over the UPW Heavyweight Title.

Winner by countout: Maximo Suave

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