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Upstate Pro Wrestling WrestleBowl 2015 Results from Rochester, NY
Courtesy of Upstate Pro Wrestling

Upstate Pro Wrestling WrestleBowl 2015 Results from Rochester, NY

Upstate Pro Wrestling kicked off 2015 with WrestleBowl at the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York this past Saturday, January 10th. As is typical at UPW, there were huge title matches, unexpected turns, and a finish in the UPW Heavyweight Championship match that had to be seen to be believed. Here’s a recap of all the action:

Showcase Match

UPW Women’s Title Match

The Masked Assassinette vs. LaDiva (c)

WrestleBowl 2015’s showcase match was a title rematch from Corporate Holiday which saw the mysterious Masked Assassinette once again challenge LaDiva for the UPW Women’s Championship. Like their previous encounter, the champion was in control throughout and hit her patented Divaplex. This time LaDiva elected not to cover the Assassinette but dish out more punishment instead. But her strategy backfired as the Assassinette caught her in a small package and got the three-count. A huge upset as LaDiva’s reign of dominance as UPW Women’s Champion came to a surprising end.

Winner and New Champion: The Masked Assassinette

Main Show

  1. Triple Threat Match

Colin Delaney vs. Cloudy vs. Cheech

WrestleBowl 2015’s main show officially kicked off with this triple threat match featuring three men with a lot of history between them in UPW. Cheech and Colin went at it in the early going with Cloudy electing to stay on the outside. Once he got involved though, Cloudy took control on both of his opponents. All three men would gain near falls on each other. In the end, it was Delaney hitting a springboard DDT on Cheech and a top rope stunner on Cloudy pinning him for the victory.

Winner: Colin Delaney

  1. The Easy Riders vs. Eric Rosecroft & Steve Gage

The Easy Riders took control in the early going, isolating the young upstart Gage. Despite the punishment he suffered Gage eventually tagged in his partner Rosecroft. Rosecroft got some brief offense, but was cut off and stopped by a Harley Stevens chokeslam. Stevens then hit a massive powerbomb while Jeff Sturgis slammed Gage as Stevens got the three-count. A dominant victory for the bad boy bikers.

Winners: The Easy Riders

  1. Tylicious, Coleman “The Fight” Jackson, & Victor Lord vs. Chris Cayden, “Real Mutha Trucker” Dewey Murray, & “Triple X” Ron Falco (w/Chip Stetson)

Wild six-man tag match featuring six of the toughest and most unique competitors in UPW. Action started out with the unorthodox antics of Tylicious throwing off both Cayden and Falco. Tylicious tagged in Coleman Jackson, but Falco gained the advantage and tagged Cayden back in. Cayden kept the advantage for a while but Jackson eventually tagged in Victor Lord who took it to Dewey. All hell broke loose as all six men would get involved. A Falco dropkick intended for Lord caught Dewey instead. This led to a standing twisting senton as Lord got the three-count for the victory for his team. After the match, Chip, Cayden, and Murray blamed Falco for the loss and attacked him when his son Jordan ran down with a chair to make the save. Ron grabbed the mic and apologized to the fans for turning on them and listening to “a scumbag like Chip Stetson.” Stetson then grabbed the mic and told Ron that no one has your back anymore. His son Jordan proceeded to attack him repeatedly with a chair. Calling Jordan his new son, Stetson celebrated over Falco’s lifeless body.

Winners: Tylicious, Coleman Jackson, & Victor Lord

  1. Tag Team Title Match

The Rochester Wrecking Crew vs. The MOTN Lions (c) w/Cloudy

The UPW Tag Team Titles were on the line as former champions and the most decorated tag team in UPW history, The Rochester Wrecking Crew, looked to regain the gold against the current and defending champions The MOTN Lions. Marc Hauss and Nick Ando started out isolating Hellcat, but Hellcat fought back and sent the champs to the outside where Rob Sweet attacked them as well. Back inside, RWC briefly gained control but the champs regained it isolating Sweet and keeping him in their half of the ring. Sweet eventually made the hot tag to Hellcat cleaning house on both Hauss and Ando. The challengers double-teamed Hauss but only gained a few near falls. As Hellcat and Hauss went at it on the outside, Sweet and Ando fought on the top rope. As Sweet went for a superplex, Cloudy pulled down his foot and held it down unbeknownst to referee Richard Head allowing Ando to get the pin as the champs retain.

Winners: The MOTN Lions

  1. No Limits Title Iron Man Match

“The Young Lion of the West” Mattick” vs. “The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint (c)

The long-standing feud between Mattick and Gabreal Saint finally culminated in UPW’s first ever Iron Man Match. The wrestler who scored the most falls in 30 minutes would be declared the winner. This was also Mattick’s last shot at the UPW No Limits Championship, putting the challenger in a must-win situation. Saint scored the first fall with a discus clothesline to go up 1-0. The action went outside for a while but back inside Saint rolled up Mattick and grabbed the tights for another pinfall to go up 2-0. In firm control, the champion toyed with the challenger instead of winning another fall. But a sunset flip from Mattick got a quick fall making it 2-1. Saint once again took the fight to the outside, but Mattick fought back and caught Saint with a cutter for the pin and even things up a 2 falls a piece. After Mattick accidentally knocked out referee Brett Vincent, Saint looked to finally put Mattick away but Mattick countered and hit a reverse suplex on the champion. Senior referee Richard Head would run in to make the three-count right before the time limit expired as Mattick scored the deciding fall for the victory to become the new champion.

Winner and New Champion by 3 falls to 2: Mattick

  1. “The Flower City Kid” Milliman vs. “Sik” Rik Matrix (w/”Mad Dog” Bobby Rogers)

The transformation of Rik Matrix continues. It was at Corporate Holiday where the unpredictable big man viciously attacked and unmasked his former partner Spazz who hasn’t been heard from or seen since the attack. With his advisor “Mad Dog” Bobby Rogers leading the way, Matrix’s rampage continued as WrestleBowl as he took on the young and energetic fan favorite Milliman. Matrix used his size and experience to overpower Milliman throughout the match. Milliman got some spurts of offense but were quickly snuffed out by Matrix. Matrix went outside to look for a chair and shoved the timekeeper and grabbed his chair. But it backfired as Milliman hit a springboard leg lariat off the chair for a near fall. Matrix though would finish off Milliman hitting the Matrix Driver for the three-count for the victory.

Winner: Rik Matrix

  1. Scramble Match

“The Cali Kid” Jordan Falco (w/Chip Stetson) vs. “American Hooligan” Jason Savior vs. Terrell Kenneth vs. Anthony Gaines vs. Bobby Dipinto vs. Krist Worthless

Six man scramble match featuring UPW’s young lions looking to make a name for themselves. This also marked Jordan Falco’s first match as a heel now under the tutelage of Chip Stetson. The action in this one was fast and furious, with Dipinto hitting a dive to the outside, Gaines hitting a top rope moonsault,and the powerhouse Kenneth powerbombing Worthless to the outside on the other competitors. Back inside in the ring Kenneth, Gaines, Falco, and Savior hit big moves for near falls. Would eventually come down to Worthless and Dipinto as Worthless would go for a cradlerobber but Dipinto countered into a sunset flip for the three-count. After the match, Jordan and Stetson cornered Dipinto about to attack him when Ron Falco came out to make the save.

Winner: Bobby Dipinto

  1. UPW Heavyweight Title Match

Maximo Suave vs. Coconut Jones (c)

The main event of WrestleBowl 2015 featured two former best friends doing battle for the UPW Heavyweight Championship. It was at Corporate Holiday where Maximo Suave turned on his partner and best friend Coconut Jones. Suave claimed he was the uncrowned champion and would get his chance to take the strap. Jones sought revenge with his title on the line but Maximo took control in the early going. Jones took the fight to the outside hitting a suicide dive and a tornado DDT. Back inside the ring, the challenger regained control and scored several near falls. Back and forth the two men fought but an inadvertent superkick from Maximo took down senior referee Richard Head. Maximo took advantage with a low blow and a package piledriver as referee Brett Vincent ran in but Coconut barely kicked out. Both men ascended the top turnbuckle with Coconut delivering a superplex. But as both men rolled each other up in small packages both referees made the three-count. Confusion reigned with Vincent declaring Maximo the winner and Richard declaring Coconut the winner. Eventually Richard Head declared the match a draw with Coconut retaining his title. Being a fighting champion, Coconut wasn’t satisfied with the decision and demanded five more minutes to declare a decisive winner. An upset Maximo agreed and the match was restarted. But on the restart Coconut hit a jumping double stomp on Maximo for the three-count to retain his championship. A hard-fought victory for the champion but not without controversy and certainly one that won’t sit well with Maximo in his quest to take the UPW Heavyweight Title from his former best friend.

Winner: Coconut Jones

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