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Tier 1 Wrestling presents: “Rumble in the Concrete Jungle” in Queens, NY on Friday, October 2nd
Tier 1 Wrestling's "Rumble in the Concrete Jungle" was a fantastic show!

Tier 1 Wrestling presents: “Rumble in the Concrete Jungle” in Queens, NY on Friday, October 2nd

By Chris Ruiz, Contributing Writer

Tier 1 Wrestling presents: “Rumble in the Concrete Jungle”

LIVE – Friday – October 2nd 2015
Queens, New York R Studios
100-17 Atlantic Ave, NY, 11418
Tickets: Front Row Tickets – $25.00 / GA Tickets are – $20.00 Doors Open at 7:00pm / Bell Time 8:00pm

On October 2nd, 2015, Tier 1 Wrestling will return to R Studio in Queens, New York to further develop its competitive landscape, and carry on with its mission to be recognized as the most eclectic and entertaining pro-wrestling experience in the world. After all, why settle for remaining a local endeavor when you can push yourself and your fan base to a global scale? On the flip side, Tier 1’s home base of New York City is definitely an environment worth emulating; if only for its ferocious creativity and unapologetic passion. That’s why this event has been dubbed, ‘Rumble in the Concrete Jungle’. Tier 1 Wrestling, its immensely talented locker room, and the passionate fans in attendance will come together to create a memorable environment that’s conducive to both greatness and genuine change. In the show’s main event, ‘The Souther Stomper’ Luke Hawx will step out in front of the crowd that he venomously insulted to defend his Tier 1 Championship against supremely skilled grappler, and one of wrestling’s most awe-inspiring comeback stories, Tim Donst. These two men don’t know each other from a hole in the wall, nor would they care to, but who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and how much they’ve sacrificed to make it in this business makes this a bona fide dream match.

There will also be a heated # 1 Contender’s bout between ‘The Fresh Prince of Shaolin’ Rude Boy Riley and ‘The 5 Star Studd’ Joey Ace. These two competitors know each other well, but this is far from a battle of mutual respect. Ace has proven that he won’t hesitate to take a shortcut in order to get what he wants, but Rude Boy Riley’s dedication to excellence, and deep respect for the Tier 1 Championship, has put him at odds with both Ace and the Tier 1 Champion, Luke Hawx; who eliminated Riley to seal his victory at ‘A New Hope’ on July 10th. This time around, it’s one fall to a finish. Only one man can become the undisputed # 1 Contender, and there must be a winner.

In addition to the highly-anticipated debut and Big Apple return of Tim Donst, you’ll also witness the arrival of FIP’s World Heavyweight Champion, Caleb Konley, ROH and Pro-Wrestling NOAH stars, The Bravado Brothers, CZW’s DJ Hyde, the 2015 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup winner, Lio Rush, ‘The Man of Steel’ Mike Verna, CHIKARA’s ‘Mr. Touchdown’ Mark Angel, and ‘The Elite Athlete’ Mike Orlando, among others.

Tier 1 Wrestling is also a proud supporter of women’s wrestling, and will be presenting a women’s showcase match on the pre-show between Savannah and Vanity. These two hard-working ladies will definitely be making this most of the opportunity; both fighting to prove that not only are they worthy of it, but will have no problem climbing the ranks in the future.

The knockout combination of up-and-coming young lions (and lionesses), established independent names, and the forward-thinking philosophy of Tier 1 management will send Queens, New York into another frenzy of buzz that’s sure to keep this exciting new brand growing and going strong through the rest of the year, and ultimately carry it over to a highly successful 2016. With major affiliations already secured, and more in the works, the sky’s the limit for the men and women of Tier 1 Wrestling. At the end of the day, ‘Rumble in the Concrete Jungle’ will be a success so long as the fans leave with a positive experience, and having seen some of the best athletes in the world tear the house down.

Main Event Tier 1 Wrestling Championship
© “The Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx Vs Tim Donst

#1 Contendership
“The Five Star Studd” Joey Ace Vs “The Fresh Prince of Shaolin” Rude Boy Riley

Special Attraction Match
Gran Akuma Vs Caleb Konley

Intergender Tag Team Match If Jessie Brooks & Alex Mason win, Jessie gets a match with JGeorge on the next show, if JGeorge and Ashley America win Jessie Brooks must leave Tier 1 Wrestling FOREVER!
JGeorge & Ashley America Vs Jessie Brooks & Alex Mason W/Julius Smokes

DJ Hyde Vs Lio Rush

Grudge Match
VsK W/ Mr. Martinez Vs Caveman

Tag Team Match
Style & Finesse Vs The Bravado Brothers

6 Way Elimination Fray
Bobby C Dinero Vs Eric Draven Vs “The Man of Steel” Mike Verna Vs “The Concrete Rose” Sonny Kiss Vs “The Elite Athlete” Mike Orlando Vs “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angel

Special Woman’s Match
Vanity Vs Savannah Evans

Ms. America 2015 FINALIST Anna Treppiedi will also be in the house for a meet and greet!

Plus, much more!!

REMINDER: From now til September 13th at 11:59pm, tickets for ‘Rumble in the Concrete Jungle’ are being offered at discounted prices. FRONT ROW: $15 GENERAL ADMISSION: $10 T-SHIRTS are just $10 w/ the purchase of a front row ticket ($15 otherwise). Just PayPal the sum of your purchases to, and you’ll be there to witness history unfold!

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