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Results from UPW’s Anniversary Anarchy 12 from Rochester, NY
Courtesy of Upstate Pro Wrestling

Results from UPW’s Anniversary Anarchy 12 from Rochester, NY

UPW returned to the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York Saturday May 9th for Anniversary Anarchy 12. It was a night marked with a hot crowd that witnessed a major return, title changes, and a wild street fight for the UPW Heavyweight Championship. Here’s a recap of everything that went down.

  1. Chris Cayden vs. Cheech

The opening contest of Anniversary Anarchy 12 saw UPW veteran and fan favorite Cheech take on “Mr. Charisma Personified” Chris Cayden, a man looking to gain his first victory in UPW by knocking off UPW’s former triple crown champion. Cheech used his experience and the energy of the crowd to gain an early advantage. Cayden fought back despite the almost constant barrage of “Snooki” chants. But in the end it was the New Wave of Pro Wrestling who hit his patented Go 2 Cheech finisher for the victory. A great showing by both men but Cheech comes out on top.

Winner: Cheech

  1. No Limits Title Tournament Finals (Four Corners Match)

“Extremely Cute Wrestler” Colin Delaney vs. “The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint vs. “Your Captain” Nick Ando vs. “The Flower City Kid” Milliman

This match was the final of the tournament to crown a new UPW No Limits Champion. Saint and Ando are both former No Limits Champions looking to capture the title once again, while Delaney and Milliman each looked for a first taste of singles gold. Fast-paced match with all four men giving it their all and putting their bodies on the line. At one point, Ando seemed to have victory in hand but Cloudy came out and distracted him. The distraction by Cloudy threw Ando off and allowed Milliman to take advantage hitting his Flower City Horror finisher for the three-count and become the new champion. Undoubtedly the biggest win in Milliman’s career as his partner and former champion Mattick celebrated with Milliman after the victory.

Winner and New Champion: Milliman

  1. Cloudy vs. Kevin Bennett

Special challenge match featuring arguably the most hated man in UPW, Cloudy, taking on Kevin Bennett, an established star in ESW looking to make a name for himself with a win in UPW. Back and forth match with the veteran Cloudy grounding Bennett to slow his momentum. However, Bennett used his speed and quickness to eventually gain the upper hand. Despite a few near falls from Cloudy, Bennett caught him with a running face buster and a twisting corner senton splash for the win. A victory that will certainly move the young, energetic Bennett up the ranks in UPW.

Winner: Kevin Bennett

  1. UPW Tag Team Title Match

The Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) vs. The Rochester Wrecking Crew (c)

The UPW Tag Team titles were on the line as the two-time defending champions Hellcat and Rob “Just 2” Sweet put their titles on the line against the challenge of the ECW originals, The F.B.I., Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke, with Mamaluke making his UPW debut. Slow start with both teams feeling each other out but eventually Hellcat & Sweet gained control and the challengers bailed to the outside. The champs tried to show respect by helping The F.B.I. back in. Once they got back in, Guido and Mamaluke didn’t return the favor and took it to the champs as they got the upper hand. They stayed in control isolating Sweet until he made the tag to Hellcat. The finish saw Guido go for the Kiss of Death on Hellcat but Hellcat shoved Guido into Sweet and they hit their patented running boot/russian leg sweep combo with Hellcat getting the pin for the victory. After the match, both teams shook hands in a great show of sportsmanship and respect. The champs retain but the FBI gave them all they could handle.

Winners: The Rochester Wrecking Crew

  1. Rochester Rumble (Winner to become #1 contender for the UPW No Limits Championship)

A staple in UPW, the Rochester Rumble returned at Anniversary Anarchy. This match has a knack for creating new stars as well as shaping and occasionally changing a wrestler’s career. As always, the match started out as a Rumble style battle royal with the competitors coming out in groups of five. The final six men then competed in a scramble-style match with the wrestler scoring the first pinfall becoming the new #1 contender for the No Limits title. Those final six men were the returning Mattick (who has been out of action for four months due to a foot injury), Victor Lord, the well educated Professor Wessler, “Mr. 450” Jay Flyier, and two young up-and-comers, Jet Rebel and Anthony Gaines. The action was hot and heavy with all six competitors making great showings for themselves. But in the end, it was Mattick hitting Gaines with his Made For Living finisher for the victory.

Winner and new #1 contender: Mattick

Unfortunately for the Young Lion of the West, his victory celebration was short-lived when the new No Limits Champion Milliman attacked him with the championship belt. Milliman then grabbed the mic and repeatedly said his name stating that he was the “Shawn Michaels” of their team, not the “Marty Janetty.” Milliman then took a Roc City Warriors picture and ripped it in half, stating that if Mattick wanted his title shot he would get it right then and there.

  1. UPW No Limits Title Match

“The Young Lion of the West” Mattick vs. “The Flower City Kid” Milliman

So the battle for the UPW No Limits Champion then became a battle between former tag partners and friends in The Roc City Warriors as Milliman took on Mattick. Milliman took it to Mattick from the onset hitting a suicide dive tornado ddt outside the ring. Mattick barely made it back in before the ring, but recovered enough to hit an Osaka Street cutter on the champion. The finish saw Milliman go for the Flower City Horror, but Mattick countered into a modified victory roll for the three-count. After the match, a shocked and visibly upset Milliman attacked Mattick and left the ring with the title. Even though Mattick won this battle and No Limits gold, it looks as if the war between the former Roc City Warriors is just getting started.

  1. Four Corners Elimination Match

The Interstate Madmen (Dewey Murray & Harley Stevens) vs. Ron Falco & Bobby Dipinto vs. Vanguard 2.0 (Chip Stetson & Jordan Falco) vs. Tigerslayer 08 (Krist Worthless & Coleman “The Fight” Jackson)

Four teams looking to make a name for themselves in the UPW tag team division did battle in this elimination match. Ron Falco looked to gain a measure of revenge on Chip Stetson for turning his son Jordan against him and finally getting his hands on Jordan as well. But just when looked as if he finally would, Stetson rolled up Ron and used the ropes for leverage to get the pin and eliminate the Falco/Dipinto team. However Stetson used this opportunity to gloat in Ron’s face which led to Krist Worthless rolling up Chip for the pin and eliminating Vanguard 2.0 giving Chip and Jordan a dose of their own medicine. The final two teams were Tigerslayer 08 and the Interstate Madmen. In the end, Worthless and Coleman hit double running forearms on Dewey with Coleman getting the pin for his team. A huge win and major upset for Tigerslayer 08. Post-match, the Madmen attacked Krist and Coleman. Colin Delaney came out to make the save but was overpowered and beaten down by Dewey and Harley. Then the Rochester Wrecking Crew came out to make another save as they fought off the Madmen as they retreated to the outside. Appeared as if Dewey and Harley were issuing a challenge to Hellcat, Rob Sweet, and Colin Delaney. More on this story and challenge in the weeks to come.

Winners: Tigerslayer 08

  1. Main Event

UPW Heavyweight Title Match (Street Fight)

“The Rican Sensation” Maximo Suave vs. Coconut Jones (c)

The main event of Anniversary Anarchy 12 was a street fight for the UPW Heavyweight Championship in the culmination of a feud involving two former partners and best friends turned bitter rivals. This was the proverbial rubber match between these two stars as Coconut successfully defended his title at Wrestlebowl in January after the match was restarted when both men pinned each other. Maximo defeated Coconut by countout in the rematch at March Meltdown. And not only were Maximo and Coconut at risk, apparently so were the UPW referees as three UPW officials were taken out by both men in the early stages of the match. The only one who was spared was UPW senior official Richard Head. Weapons were plentiful, including ladders, chairs, pool cues, wet floor signs, and even salad tongs, used by both men to punish each other. At one point, the champion had a steel chair in hand as Maximo begged off only to cheapshot the champion with a lowblow. Then the challenger pulled a plastic bag and attempted to choke the champion out. Maximo then hit not one, but two package piledrivers with the second on the steel chair, all of which finally proved to be Coconut’s demise as Maximo got the pin and was crowned the new champion. Like it or not, the 11-year journey of the Rican Sensation has finally culminated in UPW gold. A devastating loss for the popular star from the Caribbean who was a fighting champion in his almost year long reign. But for Maximo Suave, his time is now.

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