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Local New Yorker Jackson Smart submits video for WWE Tough Enough…as a Manager

Local New Yorker Jackson Smart submits video for WWE Tough Enough…as a Manager

Local New Yorker and pro wrestling manager Jackson Smart claims to be “smart enough to be tough enough.”

What exactly does that mean?

It all starts with World Wrestling Entertainment, commonly referred to as WWE.

The WWE has recently revitalized “Tough Enough,” a reality based television competition that will help them find their next WWE Superstar (aka pro wrestler) by reviewing video submissions sent in from all around the world. Contestants must create a one minute video and upload to YouTube with the hashtag #ToughEnough. Just a few of these applicants will be selected to appear on the soon-to-air TV show and compete for the main prize – a working contract with the WWE.

Thousands of entries have already been submitted as potential contestants try to stand out and warrant selection onto the upcoming show. The great majority of these applicants have one thing in common…they strive to be pro wrestlers.

That is where Jackson Smart comes in…

Jackson Smart is trying to bring back the “lost art of managing” in the pro wrestling field.

He has also made a Tough Enough video explaining who he is and reiterating the fact that WWE may have muscle bound men and attractive women but they lack one thing…a man with a brain. Claiming to have been conceived in the parking lot of the Dallas Sportitorium, Jackson Smart believes a man like him can be a worthwhile addition to the entertaining world of the WWE.

Check out his #ToughEnough video submission. Do you think Jacskon Smart is tough enough, smart enough or both?

You can find him on twitter: @TheJacksonSmart


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