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KDW Crash Course Full Results 6/6 from Gates, NY

KDW Crash Course Full Results 6/6 from Gates, NY

KDW returned to Pineapple Jack’s in Gates, New York Saturday, June 6th for Crash Course. It was another action-packed show which featured a major title change, young stars who looked to make a name for themselves, and feuds heating up. Here’s a recap of what went down:

The show started with a promo from Mr. Charisma Personified, Chris Cayden. The Dustytaker Invitational Battle Royal Champion was upset that despite being a champion he didn’t have an opponent for the show. So Cayden called out the man who he’s had issues with for the past few months in Milliman. Milliman answered the challenge and the two briefly went at it which led to an official match.

  1. Chris Cayden vs. “The Flower City Kid” Milliman

Back and forth match which was controlled by Cayden for the most part. Milliman fought back, but as he tried to deliver a german suplex, Cayden grabbed referee Kevin Carson allowing him to kick Milliman downstairs. Cayden then delivered a twisting neckbreaker for the three-count. An impressive, albeit questionable victory for the Dustytaker Invitational winner.

Winner: Chris Cayden

  1. Triple Threat Match

Rob Sweet & Victor Lord vs. Professor Wessler & Joe O’Connor vs. The Interstate Madmen

Two established teams in KDW and a newly formed team did battle in this triple threat match. Despite their lack of chemistry, Sweet and Lord worked well together and at one point seemed to have victory in hand. But Montgomery Enterprises came out and brawled with Sweet and Lord all the way to the back, taking them out of the match. This led to Harley Stevens and Dewey Murray isolating O’Connor as they hit the End of The Road (Double Capture Into Stevens Powerbomb) for the victory. After the match, Wessler told O’Connor that he “failed his final exam” and viciously attacked his partner. The Professor told Joe that “class was dismissed” but this issue has probably just gotten started.

Winners: The Interstate Madmen

  1. Krist Worthless vs. “Mr. 450” Jay Flyier

Two of  KDW’s young rising stars squared off for this battle. Both men threw everything they could at each other with Worthless using his size and brute force to take control and Flyier using his speed and agility to fight back. Worthless hit several big moves including an avalanche butterfly suplex and a new move he calls the Emerald Moon Spiral Heart Bomb Attack. But as he went for his Shallow Grave finisher (cradle robber), Flyier countered into a crucifix for the three-count. An impressive showing by Worthless, but Flyier pulls out a hard-fought victory.

Winner: Jay Flyier

  1. Champion vs. Champion (Non-Title Match)

UPW Heavyweight Champion “The Rican Sensation” Maximo Suave vs. UPW No Limits Champion “The Young Lion of the West” Mattick

This special attraction match featured the two top champions from KDW’s sister promotion, UPW, do battle. It was a technical match to start with Mattick gaining the early advantage. The more experienced Maximo regained control and wore Mattick down. Mattick fought back though as both men exchanged near falls. Maximo’s partner Gabreal Saint eventually came out to distract Mattick, but then Hellcat came out and chased after Saint running him off. As referee Richard Head was preoccupied with the action outside, Milliman, who stole the belt from Mattick after Mattick beat him for it at UPW’s last show, came out and attacked Mattick hitting the Flower City Horror. Maximo took advantage and got the three-count as Milliman held the No Limits title over his prone former partner.

Winner: Maximo Suave

  1. “The Bandit” John Reynolds vs. Bobby Dipinto

With very little fanfare and a lot of beer, the masked man from West Virginia made his KDW debut against Bobby Dipinto. Dipinto outwrestled Reynolds in the early going. The Bandit gained control using his unorthodox style. But the younger, stronger Dipinto overpowered and outsmarted Reynolds, hitting his patented spear and a cobra clutch uranage slam for the three-count. A game effort by Reynolds in his KDW debut, but the younger, more established star in Dipinto came out on top.

Winner: Bobby Dipinto

  1. Chip Stetson (w/Jordan Falco & Montgomery Chesterfield) vs. Skull

The next match featured the newest member of Montgomery Enterprises, Chip Stetson who came out with his new tag team partner Jordan Falco. Stetson said he was tired of getting crap for wanting to be a better role model for Jordan and trying to be the real father figure that Ron Falco never was. Stetson then spotted Skull in the crowd, a man who’s had a long-standing history with KDW and UPW, and called him out. This led to a match which was short-lived as Stetson went low on Skull for the DQ. But Stetson delivered a DDT to Skull and along with Jordan and Montgomery they forced referee Richard Head to count the pin despite calling for the DQ, so in the records book it’ll go down as a pinfall victory for Chip Stetson. After the match, Jordan Falco came in and joined in on the attack until Surfs Up came out to make the save.

Winner: Chip Stetson

  1. KDW Tag Team Title Match

Vanguard 2.0 (w/Montgomery Chesterfield) vs. Surfs Up (c)

On the heels of Surfs Up saving Skull, this led to the KDW Tag Team Champions putting their gold on the line against Vanguard 2.0. Father and son Ron and Jordan started out with Jordan taking the fight to his dad. Stetson would eventually get tagged in and he and Jordan cut the ring off keeping Ron on their side of the ring. Ron eventually tagged in Coconut who took the fight to both Chip and Jordan. Chip went on the outside and went at it with Ron. Inside, Coconut seemingly had victory in hand, but Jordan hit Coconut with a zigzag out of nowhere for the three-count. Chesterfield’s newest acquisitions paid instant dividends as they brought tag team gold to Montgomery Enterprises, much to the surprise of the fans and the dismay of Surfs Up.

Winners & New Champions: Vanguard 2.0

  1. Coleman “The Fight” Jackson vs. Cheech

Another match featuring a young up-and-comer looking to make for himself against an established veteran. Cheech used his experience to gain control throughout the match. Coleman was game as well and gained several nearfalls. But Cheech would hit his patented brainbuster for the victory. A great showing by Jackson but the veteran Cheech gets the win.

Winner: Cheech

  1. Scramble Match

Ryan Cassidy vs. Plunkett (w/Jackson Smart) vs. Jabadiah Bradley vs. Terrell Kenneth (w/Montgomery Chesterfield) vs. Jet Rebel vs. “The Rain On Your Parade” Cloudy

Six way scramble featuring the debut of “The Amish Warrior” Jabadiah Bradley, established ring veteran Cloudy, and four of KDW’s young lions, Cassidy, Plunkett, Kenneth, and Rebel. A great showing by all six wrestlers. At one point, Kenneth was knocked to the outside, where he was confronted and attacked by Rob Sweet and Victor Lord as they fought to the back. Inside, Cassidy hit his CassiDDT on Cloudy. But Plunkett broke up the pin taking Cassidy out of the ring. This allowed Plunkett to hit his patented pumphandle tombstone piledriver on Cloudy for the three-count. After the match, Plunkett challenged the winner of the Hellcat-Gabreal Saint match for the KDW Heavywight Title. With the roll he’s on and with his social media advisor and life coach Jackson Smart by his side, the monster Plunkett is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Winner: Plunkett

  1. Frank “The Tank” Burlington (w/Montgomery Chesterfield) vs. “Sik” Rik Matrix

Another chapter was written in the ongoing war between the crazy one Rik Matrix and the crown jewel of Montgomery Enterprises Frank “The Tank” Burlington. This one was a wild encounter with Matrix taking the fight to Frank before the match actually started. Once it did, it was a hard-hitting affair with both men going at it tooth and nail. A frustrated Burlington grabbed the timekeeper’s chair intending to use it on the bigger man, but it backfired as Matrix grabbed the chair and hit a springboard leg lariat. As referee Richard Head tried to keep order, both men shoved him which led to a double-disqualification. After the match, Matrix started attacking the chair. One has to wonder what Frank and Montgomery’s next plan of attack is in the hopes of taking out the “Sik” one.

Winner: Ruled a double-disqualification

  1. “American Hooligan” Jason Savior vs. Michael McKinger

Rematch from KDW’s last show featuring the fighting Irishman McKinger against the American Hooligan looking to avenge his loss to McKinger at KDW’s last show. Savior again used his size and strength to gain control early on. McKinger fought back and gained several near falls. But Savior countered a Shamrock Crusher by rolling up McKinger and using his feet on the ropes for leverage for the three-count. A huge win for Savior as his recent attitude change has paid off for him, which piqued the interest of Jackson Smart who came out to scout Savior during the match. Perhaps a new partnership soon to be formed in KDW between the Smart one and the American Hooligan.

Winner: Jason Savior

  1. KDW Heavyweight Title Match

“The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint vs. Hellcat (c)

The main event of KDW’s Crash Course was a battle of teacher versus student for the KDW Heavyweight Championship. Gabreal Saint set out to take the gold away from the man who trained him and put an end to the man that time forgot. These two literally went at it all over Pineapple Jack’s. The champion took control in the early going, but Saint would gain the upper hand. Saint’s plan of attack was focusing on Hellcat’s right hand in hopes of negating his patented chops. The champion fought through it though and regained the advantage. Saint’s partner, Maximo Suave, came out to distract the champion. But a miscue led to Saint colliding with Maximo and Hellcat hit a running flatliner for the three-count. Advantage teacher as the wily veteran Hellcat once again stays one step ahead of his competitors as he retained the KDW Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: Hellcat

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