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Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Full Results 2/14 from Gates, NY

Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Full Results 2/14 from Gates, NY

Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling kicked off 2015 with Valentine’s Day Massacre at Pineapple Jack’s in Gates, NY. Even though the show took place on Valentine’s Day, there was certainly no love lost with all the ongoing feuds and issues currently going on KDW. Here’s a recap of all the action. The show started with Marc Hauss coming to the ring. Hauss said that he’d suffered a possible torn ACL in his knee and his timetable to return is unknown so he’d be unable to compete. Hauss then called out the man who was slated to face in Bobby Dipinto. Hauss then put over Dipinto as one of the top rising stars in the area and that he’d felt bad for what he did to Dipinto given his recent knee issues. The two shook hands only to have Hauss blindside Dipinto. Hauss then said he’d found an opponent for Dipinto which prompted Chip Stetson to come out along with Montgomery Chesterfield.

  1. Bobby Dipinto vs. Chip Stetson (w/Montgomery Chesterfield & Marc Hauss)

Stetson used his experience and some interference from his cohorts, Chesterfield and Hauss, to gain the advantage. The fiery upstart Dipinto valiantly fought back but the wily veteran Stetson rolled him up and used the ropes for leverage to get the three-count. Underhanded but effective, Stetson gets the win immediately paying dividends as the newest member of Montgomery Enterprises. A frustrating defeat for Dipinto especially knowing he might not be able to exact revenge on the man who took him out action Marc Hauss. Winner: Chip Stetson

  1. Anthony Gaines vs. Terrell Kenneth (w/Montgomery Chesterfield)

Rematch from KDW’s last show X-Mas Chaos. Kenneth used his size and strength to overpower Gaines. Gaines with brief flashes of offense but quickly cut off by a Kenneth clothesline. Kenneth then hit a overhead sitout piledriver for the three-count. Another victory for the muscle of Montgomery Enterprises. Winner: Montgomery Chesterfield

  1. I Quit Match – Rob “Just 2” Sweet (w/Montgomery Chesterfield & Terrell Kenneth) vs. Victor Lord

The culmination of a feud between current member of Montgomery Enterprises, Rob Sweet, and former member Victor Lord who broke away from the group back in August. Sweet worked on Lord’s left arm throughout the match and eventually locked in his patented fujiwara armbar, but Lord refused to give up. A frustrated Chesterfield slid a steel chair in for his charge to use, but for some reason Sweet refused to use to it and told Chesterfield he could beat the big man on his own. But the momentary distraction allowed to Lord to take advantage on lock in the regal stretch. Upset with his man for not heeding his advice, Chesterfield threw in the towel for Sweet even though Sweet never said I Quit giving Lord the victory. Post-match, Chesterfield berated and slapped Sweet which led to Terrell Kenneth attacking Sweet. The beatdown continued until Lord went after Kenneth helping out Sweet as the two fought off the muscle of Montgomery Enterprises. The two then shook hands in a show of respect and perhaps forming a new bond or partnership against Chesterfield’s crew. Winner: Victor Lord Before the next match, Chip Stetson came out and ran down “Sik” Rik Matrix. Stetson then called out the man who was behind the attack on Matrix from X-Mas Chaos, Frank “The Tank” Burlington along with Montgomery Chesterfield. Burlington said that joining Montgomery Enterprises was the smartest and best decision he’s made in his career and that he won’t rest until he puts Sik Rik out of his misery. Matrix and his manager “Mad Dog” Bobby Rogers came out and he and Burlington went at it for a bit with Burlington scurrying to the outside. Rogers then grabbed the mic and told Burlington he’d made the biggest mistake of his career and challenged Frank to a match.

  1. Cheech vs. “The Cali Kid” Jordan Falco

Match featuring one of the established veterans in KDW against one of the young lions in Jordan Falco, who seemed to undergo an attitude change since the last KDW show, X-Mas Chaos. Cheech used his size and experience in the early going, but Falco responded with a jumping DDT to gain control. Both men exchanged near falls but then Falco appeared to have a suffered an apparent knee or injury. Unfortunately for Cheech, Falco was playing possum and he low-blowed Cheech for the DQ. After the match, Cheech would return the favor and hit his patented Go To Cheech on Falco. Winner by DQ: Cheech

  1. Kevin Bennett (w/Thor Jesus) vs. Coconut Jones (w/Ron Falco)

Grudge match featuring one-half of KDW Tag Team Champions Surfs Up taking on one of his long-standing rivals, Kevin Bennett, with a mysterious masked man in his corner, as Bennett’s tag team partner, Brett Mednik, was conspicuously absent. Back and forth match which saw Coconut eventually gain the advantage. But as appeared to have victory in hand, Thor got up on the ring apron to interfere but was taken out by Falco. But the distraction hurt Coconut as Bennett caught him with a boot as he went for a slingshot spear and scored the victory. Even without Mednik, one-half of Those Guys scores a big win and gets the upper hand in their war with the KDW Tag Team Champs. Winner: Kevin Bennett

  1. Frank “The Tank” Burlington (w/Montgomery Chesterfield) vs. “Sik” Rik Matrix (w/”Mad Dog” Bobby Rogers)

Matrix used his size and strength advantage to gain control in the early going. Burlington fought back, attacking Matrix’s left arm trying to neutralize him and wear his bigger opponent down. Matrix fought back and appeared to go for the Matrix Driver until Chesterfield’s cohorts Chip Stetson and Terrell Kenneth ran in and attacked Matrix causing the DQ. The assault continued until Rob Sweet and Victor Lord came out and made the save. Amidst the chaos, Chesterfield ended up in the ring and being cornered by Matrix. But before Matrix could get his hands on Chesterfield, Montgomery was so scared he began wetting himself and then made a hasty retreat. Certainly not Chesterfield’s finest hour as the battle lines have been drawn between the “Sik” one and Montgomery Enterprises. Winner by DQ: “Sik” Rik Matrix

  1. Dustytaker Invitational Royal Rumble Match

A first in KDW where the winner gets the Dustytaker Invitational Trophy and moves up the KDW ranks. This one just about all the top stars of KDW including Surfs Up, Kevin Bennett, Chip Stetson, Bobby Dipinto, “Sik” Rik Matrix, Chris Cayden, and “The Flower City Kid” Milliman. The final six came down to Cayden, Milliman, Thor Jesus, Kevin Bennett, Coconut Jones, and Ron Falco. Coconut and Falco eliminated Thor and Bennett, Coconut eliminated Falco, Coconut eliminated himself as he went after Thor and Bennett who were attacking Falco outside the ring. The final two came down to the first two entrants, Chris Cayden and Milliman, with Cayden eliminating Milliman for the victory. After the match, Dustytaker personally awarded Cayden the trophy but Cayden wanted the spotlight to himself so he shoved Dustytaker and grabbed the trophy. The wily, retired veteran responded with a chokeslam. Cayden may have won the battle, but it appears the Dustytaker won the war. Winner: Chris Cayden

  1. “Real Mutha Trucker” Dewey Murray, Plunkett, & Krist Worthless vs. Coleman “The FIght” Jackson, Eric Rosecroft, & Harley Stevens

Trios-style six-man challenge tag team match. On the surface, chaos ensued in this match that used the no-tag format familiar to fans of the lucha style. All six men managed to make an impact on the match with big attacks coming from each. At the end of the battle, however, it was Worthless and Jackson going at it with Jackson hitting a jumping forearm to the back of Worthless’s head for the three-count. Jackson, Rosecroft, and Stevens get the duke. Winners: Coleman Jackson, Eric Rosecroft, & Harley Stevens

  1. Handicap Match

The Jump-Off (Gabreal Saint & Maximo Suave) vs. KDW Heavyweight Champion Hellcat The main event for Valentine’s Day Massacre was a special handicap match featuring Gabreal Saint and Maximo Suave taking on KDW Heavyweight Champion Hellcat. Hellcat’s original partner Mattick, suffered a foot injury about a month ago but that didn’t stop the Upstate legend from taking the fight to his opponents despite being outnumbered. Ironically enough, Mattick came out on crutches to confront Gabreal Saint outside the ring. While referee Richard Head was distracted, Suave grabbed one of Mattick’s crutches threw it to Hellcat and went down feigning getting hurt taking a page out of the champ’s playbook from X-Mas Chaos. Richard, however, didn’t see it as Hellcat nailed Suave in the head with the crutch and Richard got back in to make the three-count. With an assist from the Young Lion of the West, Hellcat once again stays one step ahead of the competition and finds a way to come out on top. Winner: Hellcat

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