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High School Softball Pitcher Aims to Strikeout Kids Cancer

Copyright Keara Napoli

Copyright Keara Napoli

Many high schoolers today are cause-conscious, seeking to give back to society in various ways. One high school softball player in particular has developed and launched a fundraising program in hopes of raising money to help find a cure for the horrific disease of cancer.

In Milton, Georgia, Keara Napoli, an upcoming junior at Cambridge High School, began a fundraising initiative known as “Strikeout Kids Cancer” that is intended to raise awareness and donations promoting childhood cancer awareness and support.

Napoli’s 3-month long “Strikeout Kids Cancer” program is intended to unite high school softball pitchers around the United States to raise money based on the amount of strikeouts each ultimately achieves throughout their 2015-2016 high school season. Those donating can either pledge 25 cents per strikeout from their chosen pitcher, or pitchers, which is tallied at the end of the season, or offer a flat-fee donation amount of their choice. All of the money, the full 100% of what is donated, will be sent to CURE Childhood Cancer in Atlanta, which is a nonprofit cancer research foundation dedicated to finding cures for childhood cancer.

In a press release put out about the event, Napoli was noted as saying “I decided to start this organization in honor of a little girl named Kelsey Dickson, she was a close friend of my grandmother’s, and battled a rare form of cancer known as Merkel Cell cancer. She taught me to never complain or take anything for granted. Her story inspired me to help other children also battling cancer.” She continued, “I have been touched by these children, and now I want to give them something back. So please help by donating to Strikeout Kids Cancer. Any amount, even one-dollar, is greatly appreciated.” I, for one, appreciate this high school athlete leveraging her sport for the greater good.

You can go learn more, add pitchers, and donate online at



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