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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello


  • Shawn Kelley’s rehab has been halted after he woke up with back stiffness on Tuesday and it is unknown how long he will be shut down. The Yankees bullpen is not deep enough to sustain the amount of injuries that the pitching staff has seen so far. Ideally, a healthy 7-8-9 combination of Kelley-Betances-Robertson could be a strong asset for the Yanks.
  • I mentioned Masahiro Tanaka’s undefeated streak in my Quick Hits last week for the first time this season (I did write ‘no jinx’) but of course he gets his first loss in almost two years shortly afterwards. Coincidence? You know it is but if you are looking for someone to blame, I’ll be your man.
  • Michael Pineda will face hitters on Saturday for the first time since going on the disabled list earlier this month with a shoulder injury. The team is clearly in need of more reliable starting pitchers at this point with all their injuries and Pineda could give the club a boost. However, there is a cloud of doubt around what to expect from him after the repeated pine tar incidents. It will be interesting to see how he performs after his return.
  • Remember A-Rod? Let’s all take a moment to take a deep breath and appreciate how nice the season has been without him and his ego around.

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