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Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello

Yankees Quick Hits by Bryan Revello


  • David Robertson said earlier this week that he “probably would have gone for a discount” on a contract extension last offseason. The fact that the Yanks didn’t jump on this and make Robertson a priority last offseason is going to come back and haunt them. The team still has Betances to slide into the closer role in case the Yanks do let Robertson walk but there is no way to spin losing Robertson as a positive because the bullpen is significantly stronger with both of them. The bad news for the Yankees is that they are going to have to pay Robertson like an elite closer based on his performance in 2014 and that will be the case regardless of whether they keep him in the closer role or retain him and use him in a setup role. However, they would probably feel pressured to play him at closer if they pay him like one. My gut is telling me that they are going to let him walk because of the price tag and the idea of losing him does not please this Yankee fan.
  • When it comes to Masahiro Tanaka, I am in the camp of individuals that believes Tommy John surgery is inevitable based on the injury that he has endured and as soon as he comes back the clock will be ticking before he fully tears the elbow ligament that has already been diagnosed as “partially torn”. It seems like Tanaka and the Yankees are focused on him returning this season because they have opted for rest and rehab as the solution over Tommy John Surgery. I have been thinking about this and it seems to me that they shouldn’t even bother bringing him back until mid-September because every inning he pitches is one inning closer to that complete elbow tear I mentioned earlier and his contributions to the team would be even more meaningful in a short playoff series over the regular season. Let’s just hope he doesn’t pull a “Cliff Lee 2014” when he comes back.
  • It is about time people start giving credit to Brett Gardner. I have been promoting his on-field success all season (even going as far as to state that he deserved an All-Star nod) but since people are enamored with the long ball it took a single week with five home runs for general baseball fans to notice what a big season he is having. The simple fact that he was leading the Yankees in all offensive categories earlier this week both highlights the strong year that he is having and the struggles that his teammates have been exhibiting. He is a fine player and although I criticized the Yankees for not signing Robertson to an extension earlier, they deserve kudos for giving Brett an extension.

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Bryan Revello is the Editor in Chief for New York Sportscene. A New York Yankees analyst and enthusiast, he can be heard talking about the New York Yankees on the Spadora on Sports radio program. Questions or comments can be sent to Bryan at or on Twitter @BryanRevello.

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