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UPW ‘November 2 Dismember” results from Rochester, NY
Courtesy of Upstate Pro Wrestling

UPW ‘November 2 Dismember” results from Rochester, NY

Upstate Pro Wrestling (UPW) returned to the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York on November 8th for ‘November 2 Dismember’

It was a night marked with debuts, action, and bitter feuds old and new.

Showcase Match

Plunkett (w/Nicholas Raymond Harter) vs. Joe O’Connor

November 2 Dismember’s first showcase match featured the massive Plunkett in action. Plunkett has been on a tear of late since going under the tutelage of his new manager Nicholas Raymond Harter, formerly known as Dicky Sanchez. Plunkett’s motto has been, “Hurt people hurt people” and Plunkett has done just that recently. O’Connor was making his UPW debut and put up a good fight, but Plunkett’s size and brute strength proved to be much as he finished off O’Connor with a pump-handle tombstone piledriver for the victory.

Winner: Plunkett

Showcase Match

Eric Rosecroft vs. Krist Worthless

This showcase match was the culmination of a feud that started in Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling where Krist Worthless unmasked Eric Rosecroft, known at the time as Angel Azul, and Rosecroft seeking revenge for being unmasked and also looking to gain his first win as a singles competitor. Back and forth match with Worthless in control, but a miscue by Worthless led to Rosecroft hitting a springboard knee to Worthless for the three-count for the victory. Some might consider this one a bit of a upset, but a big win for the UPW newcomer nonetheless.

Winner: Eric Rosecroft

Showcase Match

“The Imperfection” Kriptic Keegan vs. Kyle McCloud

The final match of the UPW showcase featured the returning Kyle McCloud as he took on a man UPW fans love to hate in Kriptic Keegan. Short but physical match that saw both men take the other’s best shots. In the end, McCloud hits Keegan with a death valley driver for the victory.

Winner: Kyle McCloud


Main Show

  1. “Mr. 450” Jay Flyier vs. Cheech

The opening contest of November 2 Dismember’s main show saw UPW veteran and fan favorite Cheech take on the debuting “Mr. 450” Jay Flyier who’s made a name for himself at KDW and impressed Upstate management to earn a spot and make an impact at UPW as well. Flyier didn’t back down and came close to beating Cheech on a few occasions, but the “new wave of professional wrestling” used his cunning and experience to outsmart and outlast Flyier to pick up the victory. A big win for Cheech, but Jay Flyier certainly didn’t disappoint and is a name you’ll be hearing in the months to come in UPW.

Winner: Cheech

  1. UPW Women’s Title Match

Jamie Ames vs. LaDiva (c)

The UPW Women’s Championship was on the line as the champion LaDiva defended her gold against Jamie Ames, a UPW up-and-comer who was attacked by the champion at Reboot when she came from the crowd as a fan and touched LaDiva’s title. Ames was looking to prove to the fans and LaDiva that she belonged and wasn’t going to back down. Unfortunately as the match started, Ames suffered an apparent arm injury going for a Thesz press which led to an easy pin for the champion. A tough break, no pun intended, for Jamie and hopefully she’ll have a safe and speedy recovery in hopes of returning to the squared circle.

Winner and still champion: LaDiva

  1. Chris Cayden vs. Frank “The Tank” Burlington

Another wrestler made his UPW debut and looked to make an impact in Chris Cayden. Cayden came into this match with a game plan as he focused his attack on Burlington’s left arm and controlled most of the match. But Frank’s experience and ring savvy overcame the odds as he pulled out a victory against the newcomer Cayden. A good showing from Cayden but Burlington gets the duke.

Winner: Frank “The Tank” Burlington

  1. UPW No Limits Title Match

“The Young Lion of the West” Mattick vs. “The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint (c)

This title match was yet another chapter in the long-standing feud between these two men spanning both UPW and KDW. Another hard-hitting physical war between Saint and Mattick with both men hitting each other with everything they have and then some. With the champion down, Mattick finally looked poised to defeat his rival and become the new champion when Cloudy unexpectedly came out to distract Mattick. The ever opportunistic Saint took advantage of the distraction, hitting the Deadly Blessing for the three-count and the victory. Saint would get another cheap shot on Mattick after the match before he left with title in hand.

Winner and still champion: Gabreal Saint

  1. No-Disqualification Match

“Triple X” Ron Falco & Chip Stetson vs. The Rochester Wrecking Crew

Another feud in UPW looked to finally come to a head as the UPW “Hall of Famers” Ron Falco and Chip Stetson took on arguably the most decorated tag team in UPW history in The Rochester Wrecking Crew. Back and forth match that saw men all four men take it to each other. And with the match being no-disqualification, plenty of weapons were used as well. Rob Sweet hit a suicide dive to the outside on Falco and Stetson. Hellcat looked to do the same, but was cut off by the “Big Mutha Trucker” Dewey Murray who hit Hellcat with a truck stop slam on a stop sign allowing Falco to get the pin and the victory for his team.

Winners: Ron Falco & Chip Stetson

  1. UPW Tag Team Title Four Corners Match

The Easy Riders vs. Those Guys (Kevin Bennett & Brett Mednik) vs. The Unexpected (Spazz & “Sik” Rik Matrix w/”Mad Dog” Bobby Rogers) vs. The MOTN Lions (Marc Hauss & “Your Captain” Nick Ando (c)

This match marked the return of The Easy Riders to tag team action as Jeff Sturgis had been out of action for a few months with a shoulder injury. It also marked the UPW debut of Those Guys (Kevin Bennett and Brett Mednik) who are mainstays in ESW and have been embroiled in a feud with Surfs Up in KDW for the Tag Team Titles there. The action was fast and furious in this four corners match with several dives to the outside, including one from the big man Rik Matrix. Back inside, Spazz was isolated and beaten down by all three teams. Eventually, he would fight back and tag in Matrix who would clean house. In the end it would come down to Those Guys and the MOTN Lions. The champs would gain the upper hand with Marc Hauss hitting a backdrop neckbreaker and Nick Ando hitting a piledriver on Kevin Bennett for the three-count and the victory. After the match, The Easy Riders brawled with Spazz and Rik Matrix as “Mad Dog” Bobby Rogers lost control of his men.

Winners and still champions: The MOTN Lions

  1. “Big Mutha Trucker” Dewey Murray vs. Tylicious

This was a rematch from UPW’s Reboot where Tylicious defeated Dewey and the Big Mutha Trucker demanded a rematch hoping to avenge that defeat. Dewey took control from the onset not letting Tylicious’s unorthodox tactics get the best of him this time. Tylicious fought back and had Dewey in the corner but as he went to kiss Dewey like he did in their last encounter, Dewey countered by hitting a running powerbomb for the three-count and the victory. A statement win for Dewey Murray as he now looks to move up the ranks in UPW.

Winner: Dewey Murray

  1. Six-Man Scramble Match

Coleman Jackson vs. “The Flower City Kid” Milliman vs. Victor Lord vs. Yamaraj vs. “American Hooligan” Jason Savior vs. “The Cali Kid” Jordan Falco

This six-man scramble match featured six of UPW’s young rising stars looking to make a name for themselves with three of the combatants making their UPW singles debuts in Yamaraj, “The American Hooligan” Jason Savior, and “The Cali Kid” Jordan Falco. Short but fast-paced match with all six wrestlers making good showings of themselves. Came down to Victor Lord hitting Coleman Jackson with a spinebuster and a corkscrew senton for the three-count and the victory.

Winner: Victor Lord

  1. UPW Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match

“The Rain on Your Parade” Cloudy vs. “The Rican Sensation” Maximo Suave vs. Coconut Jones (c)

November 2 Dismember’s main event was a triple threat match with the UPW Heavyweight Championship on the line as the champion Coconut Jones defending his title against former tag team partner and the man who faced Coconut at UPW’s Reboot, Maximo Suave, and the man Coconut defeated for the title back in July, Cloudy. Hard-hitting three-way with the champion and the challengers all taking the fight to each other and all three having opportunities to pull out the victory. The former partners Coconut and Maximo would team up on Cloudy as Maximo hit a top rope senton and Coconut hitting a top rope splash. But as Coconut Jones seemingly had victory in hand, Ron Falco, Chip Stetson, and Dewey Murray all came out and attacked Coconut and Maximo. This prompted the Rochester Wrecking Crew to come out and make the save. Then Gabreal Saint came out, followed by Mattick and the fight was on. After the heels retreated, Hellcat and grabbed the mic and made a War Games cage match for December 12th with Hellcat/Rob Sweet/Mattick/Coconut Jones/Maximo Suave vs. Ron Falco/Chip Stetson/Gabreal Saint/Cloudy/Dewey Murray. It looks like the war will be on as the cage returns to UPW December 12th in Webster.

Winner: Ruled a no-contest

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