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ROH NJPW 05/17/14 War of the Worlds Results from NYC

ROH: War of the Worlds iPPV
May 17, 2014

Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center
New York City, NY

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Pre Show: Caprice Coleman def Adam Page with a leg lariat
Was a decent match to get the crowd ready. Ari Berenstein who is there live said that Jacobs berated Page after the match and kicked him in the head afterwards.

Main show:

Crowd looks and sounds great. Awesome that they sold out at 1800. The New Japan chants are going and it sounds great.

AJ Styles opens the show. He’s coming with the Bullet Club as the Young Bucks with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows all have gold around their waists. The Bullet Club are clearly fan favorites here in New York City. A fuck TNA chant has broken out. Classic to be honest, and probably honest.

Okada comes out with Gedo and says he beat AJ Styles. AJ Styles, along with a few too sweet hand signs, says he’s not afraid of Okada. Michael Elgin comes out and demands to make it a triple threat match. Nigel comes out and talks to the NJPW management and it’s official. Okada vs Elgin vs AJ Styles for the IWGP Title in the main event!

Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Taven, ACH vs Forever Hooligans & Takaaki Watanabe
Fun match. Enough hard hitting action and double teams to get the crowd into the match. Pretty cool spot with Alex Koslov running the ropes and jumping up only to get caught by Ciampa and hit with the air raid crash for a two. Watanabe getting some good wrestling in. Second half of the match saw ACH do what he does best more than the first and the crowd really got into it. Even for his simple dive over the top rope got a huge holy shit chant from the NY crowd. Taven hits the ‘climax’ on Watanabe to win it for his team.

Video recap of how Cedric was attacked after his match with Roderick Strong by the Decade which caused his shoulder injury and why he’s not on the card tonight.

The Decade (Roderick Strong and BJ Whitmer w/ Jimmy Jacobs and Adam Page) vs Gedo and Jado
Gedo and Jado got to get an advantage early on in the match and it was great to have the commentary team tie it into the motivations of the Decade and how hypocritical they are for not shaking the hands of two veterans from Japan. Match was okay but nothing special. Story of the match was Jado and Gedo getting the better of Whitmer and Strong through stealth but ultimately the youth and power of The Decade won out. Tons of great combination moves from Strong and Whitmer only showing why these guys are still going strong on the roster. Sick kick by Strong gets the pin over Gedo.

After the match Cedric came out to stop the celebration early and attacked The Decade by himself. He held his own until security and the refs stopped him. This is how a you build a new star. He’s ready to fight and not afraid to face the odds.

ROH TV Title: Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini defends against Kushida
Fantastic opening to the match really got the crowd into it. Lots of acrobatics and countering but it’s great for the crowd and very much the style that makes ROH different from other promotions when they have talents from Japan. Truth Martini interfered just when it looked like Kushida got the three. Not a bad interference as it barely stopped the flow of the match and both men were right back into a fantastic wrestling match. The crowd really enjoyed this match as did I with all the great offense and this was only three matches into the night. Jay Lethal hit the lethal injection for the weird in a wonky finishing sequence where after a super kick, Lethal basically had to position Kushida. Still, a great match.

IWGP Tag Title match: Bullet Club (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs The Briscoes
Crowd was split chanting for The Briscoes and Bullet Club. Awesome stuff. This will be a fun brawl no matter what. Match was what anyone would think it was. Lots of brawling and power moves. Slow paced, but that was fine with the crowd. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows hit the Magic Killer on Mark Briscoe. After the match some tension was teased between Doc Gallows and Jay Briscoe which could lead to something int he future. Enjoyed the match. Different from the previous matches so good match placement.

Non Title: IWGP Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Steen
Nakamura and Mr. Wrestling chants sound like they are near deafening. This match was everything I expected it to be. Steen asking Nakamura what’s wrong with him doing his classic fit while having his opponent in the corner. Nakamura just walking out of the way of Steen doing a diving senton from the apron. Both men brought their humor and hard hitting style to this match. Nakamura would end the match with his boma ye knee strike after hitting it from the second rope, a seated version, and finally a standing version. A great match.

Post match Kevin Steen did a speech after a Thank You Kevin chant. Steen says despite all the highs and the lows, he genuinely loves ROH. We love you too Steen. He says it might be time for him to step away for a little bit. This got a huge NO NO NO chant. Silas Young interrupts the speech to get some real heat. If Steen is actually going to greener pastures persay, then hoepfully he can have a small program with Silas Young. Young does say that Kevin Steen is another man in the locker room. Young mentions Steen’s children and that starts the brawling. Hopefully this will lead to soemthing between the two. Steen even does a flying senton from the top rope onto security thinking he would hit Young but Young was able to walk away before Steen hit.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Michael Bennett w/ Maria
This match was good. Tanahashi working a someone subdued version of what he does in NJPW but still an above average match compared to others. This was the first match after intermission so didn’t do too much which was a good thing. The only thing I didn’t like was Tanahashi putting Maria in the clover leaf. Just not something we need to see. Other then that the match was good. Lots of interference from Maria including kissing Todd Sinclair. At one point Bennett teased giving Tanahashi the pile driver on the ring apron like he did to Whitmer. Tanahashi countered with his version of the Florida Keys german suplex on the apron. Tanahashi def Michael Bennett with the High Fly Flow.

ROH Tag Title match: The Young Bucks vs reDRagon w/ Filthy Tom Lawler
Before the match started while Tom Lawler was getting out of the ring, both Young Bucks kicked the middle rope into his lower regions. Great stuff there. Lawler would get his revenge early on by throwing something into the ring distracting the ref and shaking the ropes as Matt Jackson was on the top forcing him to fall on the ropes in a delicate way. This was a great match. All four men were doing everything pretty much on point and never had a slow moment. There was a very cool sport where they positioned Bobby Fish in the pile driver position being held by Kyle O’Reilly and then kicked the knees out of O’Reilly forcing him to pile drive his own partner. Kyle looked impressive here at one point taking on both members of the YB and getting a lot of offense in. There were some crazy near falls in this match that had the crowd chanting for both teams. reDRagon would finally win the belts with a cross arm breaker on Matt Jackson by Kyle O’Reilly. Really great match overall.

ROH World Title match: Adam Cole vs Jushin Thunder Liger
Great response for Liger. Technical wrestling early on, Liger had Cole in a surfboard submission to the point that Cole had to reach the ropes by biting them to get the hold stopped. This match was pretty great given what I expected. Liger being the age he is got in some great stuff while Cole was able to shine as ROH Champion too. While the ending seemed to come out of nowhere, Cole defeated Jushin Liger with the figure four to retain his title. Still a good Title match.

IWGP Title Match: AJ Styles vs Michael Elgin vs Kazuchika Okada w/ Gedo
Tiger Hattori reffed this match. Trust me, that makes this mean more for a fan like me. Match was good. There was a point early on where it broke into that typical issue of having only two guys going at it for too long and you wonder where the third guy is. They kind of made up for it when Elgin had a little stretch of making his opponents work against each other in various ways such as throwing Styles into Okada essentially with a spear. For the rest of the match, all three men did come up with some interesting ways to counter and keep each other involved in the match. It pretty much ended the way I said it would with AJ getting the pin on Elgin without Okada being involved in the pin but Okada being the one who hit his rainmaker finisher on Elgin first.

Adam Cole attacked AJ after the match was over setting up what has been reported already as where they are headed to for Final Battle 2014.

At the very end of the stream was a video with Christopher Daniels saying he is returning home with a censored mystery partner (clearly meant to be Frankie Kazarian) and that they will be at the Best in the World PPV.

Overall: There was nothing on this show was any less than good. The worst match if there was one was the IWGP Tag Title match and even that was good by my standards. This overall was a great show with all the talents seeming like stars thanks their hard work and crowd. I give this a high recommendation.

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