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MAGNA GLOBAL releases new ‘Media Economy Report’ on Sports

MAGNA GLOBAL releases new ‘Media Economy Report’ on Sports

By Benji Bourinat, Contributing Writer

New York, NY ( – In light of the 2014 World Cup and the growing opportunities that live sporting events represent for both brands and media owners, MAGNA GLOBAL has released its new ‘Media Economy Report’ which explores the audiences, behaviors, and platforms that marketers need to know about to invest more wisely.

MAGNA GLOBAL has set the media industry standard for more than 50 years by predicting the future of media value. MAGNA GLOBAL produces more than 40 annual reports on audience trends, media spend and market demand, and advertising effectiveness.


Informed by the global resources of IPG MEDIABRANDS and MAGNA GLOBAL Intelligence, the Media Economy Report (MER) contains an overview of the forces influencing value in the media marketplace, Q&As with three industry leaders, and our point of view on how advertising stakeholders in the media value chain – media owners, agencies, and advertisers – can leverage market disruptions to achieve the greatest possible value. Already four MERs were published on topics ranging from mobile, video and automation.

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You can take a look at the full report here: MER Vol. 5: Why Sports Persevere.

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