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House of Hardcore IV Event Results from Poughkeepsie, NY

House of Hardcore IV Event Results from Poughkeepsie, NY

House of Hardcore IV
June 6, 2014
Poughkeepsie, NY


Little Guido def Matt Striker with the unprettier

Lance Anoa’i def Ben “The Beast” Ortiz with a top rope splash

Dreamer announced a nationally syndicated TV show will be shooting tonight. He said for legal reasons he can’t say what it is, but when it happens, you will know and react to it. He said they are taking little steps like what happened last time and the coverage Bully Ray brought them last time and this is another step.
Dreamer said that with the good news, there is bad news. He said someone is missing from this ring. Someone yelled, “F**** you Dixie.” Dreamer said he got a call last night at 11:30 PM that Bully was pulled to go to some Spike show per Dixie’s orders. Dreamer said that Dixie is a mark for Twitter so feel free to tweet her and let her know how you feel. The fans chanted, “F**** that b****.”

Dreamer said that Bully wanted to pass on that if you are going to any TNA shows coming up in PA or NY and bring your HOH ticket, Bully will meet up for a photo or autograph. He said that’s not for TNA, but for HOH fans.

Dreamer said that he promises that he’s going to get Dixie Carter back for this. He said that he is tired of people like her abusing people like him and fans like you and said, “b***h, I will get you for this.”

Joe Caldo & Gangrel & Hurricane Helms def Vik Dalishus & Bill Carr & Cerebus

Hale Collins def CW Anderson with a sunset flip

Bad Influence (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) def Outlaw Inc (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) with a Kazarian Kryptonite Krunch/Daniels Best Moonsault Ever combo

Kevin Steen def Adam Pearce with a swanton

Three way: Petey Williams def Tony Nese & Alex Reynolds

AJ Styles def Chris Hero with the Styles Clash

Tommy Dreamer and Devon def Abyss and Rhino.

Rhino grabbed a barbed wire board and Abyss prepared to powerbomb Devon on it. Spike Dudley hit the ring and kicked Abyss low. Rhino went to gore him but Spike moved and Abyss was gored. Spike nailed the Acid Drop onto the barbed wire board on Rhino and Devon scored the pin.

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