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House of Glory: High Intensity III Results from Ridgewood, NY

House of Glory: High Intensity III
May 16, 2014
Ridgewood NY

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1) Anthony Gangone beat Marq Quen and Joey Janela. Afterwards Gangone asked Marq to join him to kill the NYC Indy scene but Joey attacked Marq from behind and those two joined as a stable

2) Jigsaw defeated Alex Mason with a brainbuster.

3) Smiley lost to Danny Demanto. Before the match Danny DeManto worked as a ultra heel after the match he put Smiley over.

4) Brian XL beat AR Fox by DQ when Joey Janela and Anthony Gangone attacked Brian XL claiming they are going to destroy the New York Indy Scene.

5) Young Bucks came out to face Panda and a Pokemon student, Young Bucks proceeded to attack them from behind with the tag belts and superkick them. Another set of students came out only to get superkicked. Amazing Red’s music hit him and Crimson hit the ring, Young Bucks powdered outside. The other students forced the Young Bucks in the ring with chairs. It was a brawl. The students became lumberjacks. More Bang for your buck got countered when Red got his knee’s up. Matt Jackson got hit with Crimsons sky high finisher and Red connected with a frog splash for the three count.

6) Crimson and Amazing Red def The Young Buck to win the Tag Titles

7) Young Bucks attacked red after the match. Huge brawl, Brian XL ran in to make the save but before he could get to the ring

8) Joey Janela and Anthony Gangone came out and started attacking him. Eventually the babyfaces cleared the ring. Brian XL thanked the fans for coming out tonight and waiting in the rain.

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