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Have NEW YORK JETS fans suffered enough?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Have NEW YORK JETS fans suffered enough?


By John Evans, Contributing Writer

New York, NY ( – After a 1-8 start, the New York Jets’ 2014 season has been a disaster. Rex Ryan is on thin ice and the quarterback situation has been enough to cause any Jets fan to pull out their hair in frustration.

As Jets fans, we have many questions running through our minds:

  1. Why am I still a Jets fan? Do I enjoy agony?
  2. When our offense is on the field with a chance to tie or take the lead, why do our QBs seem to say “Please take this football back. I’m uncomfortable with it in my hands?”
  3. Do our opponents have twice as many receivers on the field at any given time as we have defensive backs?
  4. Was I cynical before becoming a Jets fan, or have they made me this way?
  5. What’s the opposite of a QB whisperer? Because that’s what Rex Ryan is.

If you’re a Jets fan, you know you can’t abandon your team (but after losing 8 in a row, it is now permitted take a bathroom break, stir your chili, and grab another beer without pressing pause).

The Jets have a turnover differential of -13. That’s last place and it’s not close. The team is also nestled in last place in passer rating which explains why Geno Smith has played himself out of the starting quarterback position.

Opposing quarterbacks are throwing the ball all over the field totally unafraid since the Jets can’t seem to come down with an interception, even if we attached a million-dollar bonus to every one. What is the coaching staff doing about this? Does the team even want to improve? It doesn’t feel like it as a fan.

How do we stop this ridiculous losing streak? For starters, don’t allow Rex Ryan to talk to Jets QBs anymore. How many times did he tell Sanchez, and later Geno, “You’re my QB”? They should have been told “If you can’t lead this team, I’ll find someone who can!” We desperately need a leader on offense. Geno’s poor attitude has made a dreadful season even worse.

The bottom line is simple. Instead of finding a way to win, the Jets find ways to lose. They’re not just giving away possessions, the Jets are giving away games. As far as I know, an NFL team isn’t supposed to be a charity organization.

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