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EVOLVE 30 Results from Brooklyn, NY


May 10th, 2014

Brooklyn, NY

Courtesy of Chris at


1) Caleb Konley def AR Fox after countering the 450 with knees to the gut and a small package

2) Blake Edward Belakus def Ryan Rush with burning hammer face plant finisher

3) Josh Alexander def Tim Donst with a tombstone pile driver

4) Three way Freestyle

Chuck Taylor vs. Jigsaw vs. ‪Ethan Page

Jigsaw pinned Chuck Taylor after a double stomp while Page was stuck in the ropes in a tree of woe

5) Moose def Mr. A with a spear

– post match the PAB kicked Mr. A out

6) Tony Nese def Rich Swann with the 450

7) Uhaa Nation def Trent Baretta w/ Su Yung with the Uhaa combo

8) 6 man Ladder & Chairs Match

Swann, Fox & Nation def Nese, Baretta & Konley when Rich Swann pinned Tony Nese to win the match


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