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CZW 07/12/14 New Heights iPPV Results from Vorhees, NJ

CZW 07/12/14 New Heights iPPV Results from Vorhees, NJ

CZW New Heights
July 12, 2014
Voorhees, NJ

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3 Way Dance
Lucky Thurteen hits a double foot stomp on both Latin Dragon & Alex Colon and pins Dragon for the win

Greg Excellent def Buxx Belmar with a Rick Roll Cannonball
– during the match Belmar decides to eat a cigarette and then kissed Greg on the mouth

Drew Gulak gave the State of CZW. Gulak fired Alexander James and Donavan Dewey which pleased the crowd.
DJ Hyde came out and confronted Gulak who said he wasn’t happy with Hyde’s antics. The Front came out and we had a match.

Sozio def Drew Gulak after interference from Biff Busick and a yakuza boot
– Sozio at one point tapped to the GuLock but Biff pulled the ref out

BLK Jeez def Jon Gresham with a double stomp to the back of the head

4 way match for the CZW Tag Titles
Juicy Product def Team Tremendous, OI4K & Beaver Boys when Dunn got a school boy on Bill Carr

Joe Gacy def Alexander James after powerbombing James on a barbwire board

CZW Wired Title
Shane Strickland def Caleb Konley with a small package

CZW World Title
Biff Busick def Mike Bailey after hitting a half nelson suplex off the top turnbuckle then choking out Bailey
– before the match AR Fox had come out and said he was going to have surgery later in the week and Biff came out during the promo which led to the match

Ultraviolent Tag match
Matt Tremont & Ron Mathis def NOI (Devon Moore & Danny Havoc) when Tremont powerbombs Havoc on a ladder with barbwire

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