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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Compelling Conversation with NFL Pro Turned Community Change Agent, Terrell Fletcher

If you don’t already know the name Terrell Fletcher, you will…and certainly should! This NFL pro turned no-holds-barred cultural consultant and commentator, leadership expert and community mobilizer is on a mission to give the disenfranchised a “voice” that’s actually heard, and advocate why (and how) everyone in workplaces, homes and sports programs across the U.S. can live a community-centric life—one ... Read More »

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Success Insights from Three-Time Super Bowl Champ, Bart Oates

Few NFL veterans have achieved the kind of post-league business success experienced by three-time Super Bowl champion, Bart Oates, who played for both the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers, actually winning Super Bowls with both teams. Bart is one of the exceptional success stories of a pro athlete. Not only did he play as an All-American while attending college at Brigham ... Read More »

Ron Artest’s Return Key to Lakers Turnaround?

With the return of “Metta World Peace,” AKA Ron Artest, the Los Angeles Lakers look to secure a defensive-minded forward on a team that is vying for a playoff position this year. In his last stint with the team, which spanned over a four year period, Artest etched his name in the history books for both good and bad reasons. ... Read More »

High School Athlete Swims for a Cure

This is an inspiring story about a high school swimmer going above and beyond to raise money, awareness and support for cancer patients. Jillian Bacon, an upcoming freshmen at her local high school, was part of a 20- person group that performed a relay swim across Lake Michigan on July 31, 2015 to raise money for cancer research. Bacon and ... Read More »

High Schoolers Design Culturally Sensitive Athletic Apparel

Everywhere around America we hear stories about bullying in school, whether it be online or in person. Sports are often a way for children to escape and enjoy their lives without scrutiny. However, when a group of Muslim high school girls were uncomfortable playing the sport they love due to the attire, they came up with a way to have ... Read More »

Listen Now: High School Sports Report with Mason Kern (Audio)

Enjoy listening to these two High School School Sports Reports I recently delivered on the KOKS Radio Program. At the end of each I also spotlight a super-cool sports item well-suited for tweens and teens! High School scholar and perennial athlete turned Youth Sports Watchdog, Mason Kern, spotlights newsworthy current events and happenings in the world of high school, middle school ... Read More »

High School Softball Pitcher Aims to Strikeout Kids Cancer

Copyright Keara Napoli

Many high schoolers today are cause-conscious, seeking to give back to society in various ways. One high school softball player in particular has developed and launched a fundraising program in hopes of raising money to help find a cure for the horrific disease of cancer. In Milton, Georgia, Keara Napoli, an upcoming junior at Cambridge High School, began a fundraising ... Read More »