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Larry Mercer: A Legend in the Making

By Bryan Revello, Editor in Chief Larry Mercer is a man with passion. A man that has endured personal and professional hardships yet continues to rise above. Mercer gained popularity as a ring announcer/performer on the pro wrestling and mixed martial arts scene under the moniker “Larry Legend.” His announcing style and natural charisma have helped him climb the ladder ... Read More »

Yankees Quick Hit By Bryan Revello: Farewell Arod

What a long strange journey it has been. I remember the day that I heard Alex Rodriguez was traded to the Boston Red Sox and immediately felt nervous for the Yankees. I remember the feeling of relief when Major League Baseball disallowed that trade. I remember the excitement I felt for the Yankees future after acquiring THE best player in ... Read More »

New York City FC Hosts Full Team Autograph Session in Brooklyn

WHAT:                 Fans will get the chance to meet the full New York City FC team at Adidas’ Downtown Brooklyn Store located on Fulton Street on Tuesday, August 16 at 6:30 p.m. Prior to the event, an exclusive media session will allow for photos and interviews with the full team and Head Coach Patrick Vieira from 6:00 – 6:20 p.m. WHO:                   ... Read More »


120 Sports, the only digital-first video network that combines real time commentary on the trending sports topics with the thrill of live professional and college sports footage, today announced that it has added Abby Hornacek, one of the rising new personalities in sports digital and social media, to its expanding roster of talent.  Hornacek will contribute on the latest trends ... Read More »

Three Periods with Dan Mount: A Look at the NFL

Hello, everyone. It’s Dan Mount again with another edition of the Three Periods blog. This week will be an international edition due to the Olympics starting this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Little known fact, Brazil actually does have an IIHF-sanctioned international team. Former NHLers Robyn Regehr and Mike Greenlay were also born in the country.) This week takes ... Read More »


Roberto Duran “joked” during his Twitter live-chat for HANDS OF STONE in his native Spanish that he’d fight Trump when asked by a fan “If you could fight someone today, who would it be.” Actor Edgar Ramirez (ZERO DARK THIRTY, JOY) who plays Duran in the film, translated into English. Latino Boxing Legend Roberto Duran challenges Donald Trump to get inside the ring ... Read More »

Back to College Products Improving Campus Life


College students notoriously struggle on multiple fronts, most definitely to include their grocery and entertainment options…or even just scoring a quiet, private place to be productive. Often they’re relegated to whatever facilities their school offers. Vending machines, fuzzy TVs with limited channels, and noisy dorm rooms and crowded study halls can leave much to be desired.  Here are a few ... Read More »