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High School Athlete Swims for a Cure

This is an inspiring story about a high school swimmer going above and beyond to raise money, awareness and support for cancer patients. Jillian Bacon, an upcoming freshmen at her local high school, was part of a 20- person group that performed a relay swim across Lake Michigan on July 31, 2015 to raise money for cancer research. Bacon and ... Read More »

Listen Now: High School Sports Report with Mason Kern (Audio)

Enjoy listening to these two High School School Sports Reports I recently delivered on the KOKS Radio Program. At the end of each I also spotlight a super-cool sports item well-suited for tweens and teens! ~~~ Mason Kern, The Sports Watchdog, spotlights newsworthy current events and happenings in the world of pro, college and youth sports as well as notable sports ... Read More »

What is Deemohaus? And how can I get in? From a newly indoctrinated circle mate perspective…

Grab a drink, listen to live music, sit down at a poker table, watch a game on one of a mass of flat screen TVs, play 18 holes of golf anywhere in the world… You have just entered Deemohaus, the ultimate man cave  Admission: Free. Friendship required. Deemohaus is the brainchild of Danny “Deemo” Monosson, whose quest for a 24/7 indoor golf practice ... Read More »

High School Softball Pitcher Aims to Strikeout Kids Cancer

Copyright Keara Napoli

Many high schoolers today are cause-conscious, seeking to give back to society in various ways. One high school softball player in particular has developed and launched a fundraising program in hopes of raising money to help find a cure for the horrific disease of cancer. In Milton, Georgia, Keara Napoli, an upcoming junior at Cambridge High School, began a fundraising ... Read More »

Los Angeles High School Basketball Team Assists the Homeless

Want a feel-good sports report? This is a downright heartwarming story about a high school basketball team in Los Angeles, California that spent the Sunday before this past Father’s Day giving assistance to the homeless around their community. This act of team generosity was spearheaded by their coach, Harvey Kitani, who, throughout his tenure as the Fairfax High School boys’ ... Read More »

Youth Athlete Breaks Female Weightlifting Record

Anyone who thinks girls aren’t super-strong need only read this story to gain a new mindset. Juliette Chang-Fane, a 15 year old attendee of Edgewood High School in Merritt Island, Florida, broke the American Youth 14-15 weightlifting record for the Clean and Jerk event in very memorable fashion. She ended up lifting a bar full of weights that totaled 175 ... Read More »

High School Sprinter Breaks Track and Field Record

It’s always my pleasure to cite record-breaking news items of note. Here’s an item pertaining to high school girls’ track and field that isn’t confined to a specific school or state record, but rather a national-level achievement. In Albany, New York, Rush-Henrietta High School sophomore, Sammy Watson, has set the second fastest 400 meter dash sprint time in the nation…and ... Read More »

Savvy Shoppers Put It on Plastiq

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Imagine being able to charge anything you want to your credit card, from a super sporty hot rod to your kid’s college tuition. Or, maybe you want to buy an entire sports team? Hey, you never know. One company—Plastiq—has made this elevated shopping experience a reality. This new and unique service allows you to pay for things with your credit ... Read More »

Awesome Tech-Inspired Sports & Fitness Finds

credit LIV Swiss Watches

The sports and fitness industries are teeming with cool product innovations intended to make activity more fun, competitive and effective. A great number of those are brought to market thanks to technological advancements relative to the materials utilized, the engineering employed, or both. This representative, tech-advanced assortment of sporty solutions will surely help ensure you’ve got game. The Neptune MP3 ... Read More »